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  1. Carlson's post in Don't Change Timestamp was marked as the answer   
    You could change the timestamp field in the table to date/time field type, then add the field as hidden to your datapage, adding onload > system parameter > timestamp. Add this field only to the initial data entry page and keep off of the datapages you do not want timestamp to affect.
  2. Carlson's post in Is It Possible To Send Email Conditionally Based On A Checkbox Value? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, I have this setup on some of my apps. You can achieve by setting the destination URL to another datapage that filters based on checkmark. If checkmarked, then the datapage auto-submits with the email notification.
    You can create a datapage with filter to receive the Record ID and add filter if field checked. You will need to pass the Record ID from the originating datapage. Then add the auto submit script below and setup your email notification.
    Set the localization of the datapage to display a custom message if filter is not satisfied (message when not checked).
    There is an article here on the auto-submit, however for the update datapage you will need to use the following (most recent Caspio Version update caused modification in this script).
    <script type="text/javascript">     setTimeout(function () {      if (document.forms["caspioform"] && !!document.forms["caspioform"]["Mod0EditRecord"])    {     document.forms["caspioform"]["Mod0EditRecord"].click();    }   }, 500);   </script>     Let me know if this work for you.
  3. Carlson's post in Hide Html Block When Field Is Blank was marked as the answer   
    You can hide the HTML blocks by including the fields referenced in the HTML blocks as also hidden fields on the details page. Once the hidden fields are added, add a seperate section before each of the HTML blocks. Once Sections are in place, you can setup rules with Criteria field Is blank, then Hide Section X. This should achieve what you are requesting.
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