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  1. Hy Elena.


    Do you know how to hide a serch button from a  Search and Report Wizard - Configure Search Fields

    All the other buttons I can hide,  except the Search button.

  2. Good to know. I've received a warning a couple of weeks ago that my data usage is nearing my max, and that I will be charged accordingly. I know I have to edit some of the queries in some of my tabular pages. A few of my tables take a bit to load because of the queries. But does the size of the view table or source table have a causal link to this too?
  3. At one point, I remember seeing a question about the label position issue when it is set to left. I searched this forum high and low but couldn't find it again so I don't know if it was answered. So my issue is, when I set my label position to left, a huge space between my label and my text field pops up. So I am limited to using top position for labels. Is there a way to minimize that space generated when label position is set to left - without going through workarounds of adding extra virtual fields, deleting wordings on labels, or creating html blocks to add back the label wordings
  4. Hi Walter, thank you. The one offered by Caspio as part of the plan is for converting results page in tabular form. At least that's what I gathered from their compare plan sheet. I did ask one of their pros to write a code for me (which I paid) last year, so I can convert my details page into pdf. It worked for a while. You actually just reminded me (inadvertently) that I should go back to them because said code quit working a few months ago for me.
  5. Is there a way to amend the code so that it works on Report Details page? I tried to replace "InsertRecord" with "EditRecord" and it's not working for me. Assistance is appreciated, thank you so much in advance.
  6. Oh by the way, my caspio forms and detailed pages are deployed via "html embed". I can safely say, this doesn't work on html embed deployment route. I am yet to try the code with iframe and Wordpress.
  7. It appears the generator converts pages to pdf only if the data page is not secured. Otherwise, what gets converted is the login page to your secured data page, and not the data page itself. At least in my case, that is what I get. Anybody has any workaround?
  8. Hi Cooper, Yes that is exactly what I need. Thank you for your help. The code worked very well for my purpose. E
  9. Just to be clear, below is my script that doesn't seem to like to work with Search Forms. <button onclick="this.form.reset()" style="color:blue;cursor:pointer">Clear All</button> Please help.
  10. Hello there, Is it possible to add a "Reset" or a "Clear All" button in the "Configuration Search Field" area of a tabular report? I would like to show "Reset or a Clear All" button on my Search Page that has multple search criteria. I have investigated and searched high and low to see if there is such a button within the Caspio Styles. So far, I have not been successful in finding it. Can anyone please recommend either a SQL statement or a Javascript? Better still does Caspio give this ability to edit or create this function anyway? Thank you so very much in advance
  11. Hi Aurora, Many thanks for the suggestion. It worked. E
  12. Hello, In my Report Details, I have this field, "New_Job_Grade" that takes value from calculated field, [@calcfield:44#]. I am using the script below which I copied from somewhere else here in the forum. It sure works wonderfully. However, I would like for the field "New_Job_Grade" to be automatically updated and not wait for the form to be submitted everytime "[@calcfield:44#]" is changed. Is there a way to amend the ".onsubmit=concatenate" to automatically update the form and not having the need to push any button? Thank you in advance. Below is the script. <
  13. oh another relevant question. Do spaces in between conditional strings affect the speed in which the details page is executed and shown?
  14. Hi all, Anybody has any advise on best practices in building details page in reports? Somehow I managed to make my details pages in my report to "crawl" and move slower than molasses. I know it's because of the big amount of conditional calculations and charts that I have in the details page. Do you have any good piece of advise to give in terms of using calculations, virtual fields, and parameters? In particular: 1. Should I use more virtual fields (with data source as the calculated fields) and have the calculated fields hidden? 2. Should I limit conditional calculation
  15. Is there a way to format a number field in "Submission Form" (Web Form)? I noticed that one can only do this in resutls page, or whenever the field is a hidden field. Perhaps a JString for the submission form? Thank you as always. Elena
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