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  1. Hi. Does anyone know how to upload files directly to a dropbox account from a Caspio web form? I don't want or need the files to be stored in Caspio, and no file size limit. Regards Frode Myksvoll
  2. Hi Jan. Yes, it is a Result page of a report Datapage. The formatting field solved it for me. i had to include all date fields in the result page to make sure they where equally custom formatted. To bad there is on option to hide fields you don`t want, but still need to format. Thank you. --- Frode ---
  3. Hi. I have a table holding two fields with dates I try to compare in java script. The first date is generated by caspio timestamp, and called "date_submitted", formatted like"05/15/2014 23:43:58" in the table. The second date,"Date_event_start", is a date submitted from a Caspio calendar, formatted like "05/30/2014" in the table. When i insert both dates in a HMTL block within Caspio they retur quite different. "date_submitted" returns: "05/15/2014 11:43:58 PM" and "Date_event_start" returns: "30.05.2014" Why does Caspio default output different date formats??? I want to compare the dates with a simple script like: <HTML> [@field:Late_submitted] <a id="visi[@field:ID_delegate]"> <script> var isi = document.getElementById("visi[@field:ID_delegate]"); if('[@field:date_submitted]' >= '[@field:Date_event_start]'){ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#FFB0AD'; } else{ isi.parentNode.parentNode.style.backgroundColor = '#ADD8E6'; } </script> </HTML> How can i make the different date fields comparable??? --- Frode ---
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