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  1. I have several apps that include a datepicker on a datefield. These have been working fine, just click the button and choose a date. Now something has changed... I can open the datepicker but something seems to get in the way som i cannot choose a date. The workaround is to change the CSS som the datebox ends up way out to the left. It seems like if there is a textfield that extends beyond the datepickerbox the box does not work... Any Ideas?? My workaround sucks because a have many apps that i have to change.
  2. I have a form with som questions that have multiple choices as radiobuttons. I want these buttons to line up horizontally instead of vertical. Can i modify the stylesheet somehow? (I don´t want to use dropdowns becuase i´m running this form on a iPad and it´s faster to click radiobuttons than bringing up the dropdown menu)
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