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  1. Table A has a key field called HeaderKey. Table B has a key field called DetailKey. HeaderKey is a field in Table B. I use a parameter to pass a HeaderKey into my DataPage Submission form. The form displays fields from table B. I am having trouble using the same field values to generate (submit) a new record with a different auto key value. How can I change the key value? I get a duplicate record error - it seems to be acknowledging the existing key. Thank you Mike
  2. Hi Jan, I read the topic you mentioned and I see how that works for a very specific parameter passing. My problem is my link/parameter is dynamic within an acknowledgement email to a specific user. If this doesn't seem possible in my wix.com site. Do you know of other sites that may support this effort. Thank you
  3. I have read the Caspio online topic for "How to use a URL with query strings". I cannot seem to get it working. I am trying to get the following URL to work on a wix.com site: http://www.site.com/pagex?NUM=ABC123xyz I am trying to use a Single Record Update Form to display record ABC123xyz. In the DataPage, I identify the record to be updated by using the unique record ID with a parameter name @NUM. Do you see anything wrong with the syntax or have any suggestions? Thank you Mike
  4. Jan, The article you directed me to worked great! Thank you
  5. I have a submission form that will create a record in a table. At the end of the DataPage, it goes to another DataPage-Report that sends an Acknowledgement email out. How can I automatically click on the UPDATE button without physically touching it. I just want to only click on the initial SUBMIT button. Thank you Mike
  6. I did some research on the Version 8.4 Release regarding emails - that helped. Thank you ALL for your replies!
  7. What happens if you need data from more than 1 table? Thank you
  8. My auto-emails have worked up until your new release. Any idea what I have to do to get them working again - both the acknowledgement and notification emails? Inserting fields and sending the email to a field on the form do not work anymore. Thank you Mike
  9. The online help says you can have attachments in your automatic emails. I do not see where that is possible for my acknowledgements in submission, update or report pages. Thank you
  10. Hi, I would like to change the size of the SUBMIT and UPDATE buttons. How can this be done? Thank you Mike
  11. Hi Jan, That worked great! Thank you Mike
  12. Hello, When a field is required and I am using the marker '*', but would like to remove the word "Required" after the field when nothing is entered and the Submit button is clicked. I cannot locate how to do that. Thank you Mike
  13. Hi Jan, I decided to use an alternative solution - A Detailed Report rather than a form to get my Acknowledgement Email. It worked! Thanks for trying to help. Mike
  14. Hi Jan, The fields are not displayed on the Select Fields step - it does not allow it because they are from the view whose table is not editable. All the fields are in the view. I believe it is a bug in the system. Thank you
  15. Hi, I have a view that I am using in my DataPage Submission form. It involves a 4 table join but it could be just 2 tables. I know that only 1 table is allowed to be editable from the view. Why are my non-editable fields from the other tables not showing up on my custom Acknowledgement Email? It lets me insert them on the email. Thank you Mike
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