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  1. Hi Jan, I read the topic you mentioned and I see how that works for a very specific parameter passing. My problem is my link/parameter is dynamic within an acknowledgement email to a specific user. If this doesn't seem possible in my wix.com site. Do you know of other sites that may support this effort. Thank you
  2. I have read the Caspio online topic for "How to use a URL with query strings". I cannot seem to get it working. I am trying to get the following URL to work on a wix.com site: http://www.site.com/pagex?NUM=ABC123xyz I am trying to use a Single Record Update Form to display record ABC123xyz. In the DataPage, I identify the record to be updated by using the unique record ID with a parameter name @NUM. Do you see anything wrong with the syntax or have any suggestions? Thank you Mike
  3. Jan, The article you directed me to worked great! Thank you
  4. I have a submission form that will create a record in a table. At the end of the DataPage, it goes to another DataPage-Report that sends an Acknowledgement email out. How can I automatically click on the UPDATE button without physically touching it. I just want to only click on the initial SUBMIT button. Thank you Mike
  5. I did some research on the Version 8.4 Release regarding emails - that helped. Thank you ALL for your replies!
  6. What happens if you need data from more than 1 table? Thank you
  7. My auto-emails have worked up until your new release. Any idea what I have to do to get them working again - both the acknowledgement and notification emails? Inserting fields and sending the email to a field on the form do not work anymore. Thank you Mike
  8. The online help says you can have attachments in your automatic emails. I do not see where that is possible for my acknowledgements in submission, update or report pages. Thank you
  9. Hi Jan, That worked great! Thank you Mike
  10. Hello, When a field is required and I am using the marker '*', but would like to remove the word "Required" after the field when nothing is entered and the Submit button is clicked. I cannot locate how to do that. Thank you Mike
  11. Hi Jan, I decided to use an alternative solution - A Detailed Report rather than a form to get my Acknowledgement Email. It worked! Thanks for trying to help. Mike
  12. Hi Jan, The fields are not displayed on the Select Fields step - it does not allow it because they are from the view whose table is not editable. All the fields are in the view. I believe it is a bug in the system. Thank you
  13. Hi, I have a view that I am using in my DataPage Submission form. It involves a 4 table join but it could be just 2 tables. I know that only 1 table is allowed to be editable from the view. Why are my non-editable fields from the other tables not showing up on my custom Acknowledgement Email? It lets me insert them on the email. Thank you Mike
  14. Jan, That worked like a champ! Thanks a lot. Mike
  15. Hi Jan, I like your suggestion to pass parameters without URL. If that is the case, does that mean I need a DataPage with 1 field on it to capture the CAN (it's unique) and then pass it to the next DataPage where I would be updating other record fields? I do not want to use a Report. How else would you prompt for the CAN? Thank you
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