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  1. Unsure, but I wonder if the authenticated DataPage has not had a chance to load yet so the test will always fail as it runs too early. Try an iframe deployment and run the check onload. <iframe name="dp_name" title="dp_name" src="https://123.caspio.com/dp/123">Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> <script> var loggedInTestIfr = document.getElementsByName('dp_name')[0]; loggedInTestIfr.onload = function(){ checkLoggedIn(); }; function checkLoggedIn(){ var myTestElem = document.getElementById('loggedInTestDiv'); if (myTestElem == n
  2. If you have updated your DataPages to use the subdomain for your account in the deploy code, the logout link now uses the account subdomain for your account. Rather than b5.caspio.com/folderlogout try ******.caspio.com/folderlogout where ****** is your Also, see: https://howto.caspio.com/deployment/caspio-site-vs-account-subdomain-deployment/ Hope this helps
  3. This behavior is displayed in many places my web-application. Create an account here Choose a free plan so you can log in to see this and other things Caspio
  4. Thanks Bruno, it was a pleasure working with you! I look forward to staying connected and seeing your project (great idea, I must say) grow and evolve!
  5. I do some Caspio and JavaScript freelance. I have thousands of hours of Caspio and JS experience, and can very likely build what you need. (basically full time since 2014) I am interested and able to help with small to medium sized projects. PM me for info. Some notable customers/projects include ezIQ.us QuoStudentTravel.com BaleDoneen.com Block-Trades.com MascotConstruction.com
  6. I want to see a list of available variables I can use here or there. What specifically brought me to this question were File Size error messages and a Date Format error messages that are vague and nondescript. I know I can change the wording, which helps, but I'd like to use the cool variables like "Are you sure you want to delete %n records" in the rest of my error messages. Does anybody know how to use these cool variables?
  7. Hello, I'm tying to improve my app's error messages using Localizations. I see on some error messages there are variables or parameters that provide the user with some very valuable information. Value cannot be shorter than %s characters. Value cannot be larger than %n characters. Are you sure you want to delete %n records. %p authorization failed. Cannot redirect to %p etc. Does anybody know how to use these, or where I can find a list of the variables we can use and how to? Thanks and ThinkEZ
  8. Thanks! Those are good options. I ended up using a workaround using ABSOLUTE. Substring([@field:ScratchPad], Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad], Charindex('Passport Date of Issue: ',[@field:ScratchPad]) ) + 2, Abs( Charindex('===',[@field:ScratchPad], Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad], Charindex('Passport Date of Issue: ',[@field:ScratchPad]) ) ) - Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad], Charindex('Passport Date of Issue: ',[@field:ScratchPad]) ) - 2 ) )
  9. Hi, I'm stumped. This code works Substring([@field:ScratchPad],Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad],Charindex('Departure Airport: ',[@field:ScratchPad])) + 2,Charindex(' ======',[@field:ScratchPad],Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad],Charindex('Departure Airport: ',[@field:ScratchPad]))) - Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad],Charindex('Departure Airport: ',[@field:ScratchPad])) + 2) This code breaks with only a minor adjustment: changing + to - at the very end Substring([@field:ScratchPad],Charindex(': ',[@field:ScratchPad],Charindex('Departure Airport: ',[@field:ScratchPad]))
  10. Hi,

    The purpose of a forum is to share the knowledge.

    If you have a question. Ask it on the forum. If you must, ask me to look at it and I will, but it must already be a question on the forum.

    Let's make sure we share the knowledge.


    1. TWIRED


      That makes sense. 


      This question was posted but didnt get a reply so kinda got impatient

      Will do.


  11. Hi @abelphathost, Thanks for the message, but let's not ask questions privately.... the point of a forum is for people to find that somebody else has already asked the same question. A couple things to note 1 - I've had trouble using JS and Caspio's checkboxes. Dropdowns are easier to work with. 2 - I never use 'onsubmit'. Rather i create a fake submit button that runs that code I need before the submit happens then wrap the function with: document.getElementById("Submit").click() ** If you must have something easier than a dro
  12. Hi @TWIRED, Thanks for your message. Let's do it out here so everybody can see the Q&A. Your path looks good. Two things to check. If it was working, then stopped... check to make sure the DataPage you're sharing these images from DOES NOT require authentication. (something it may not have required when it worked) I also notice your Account Subdomain [Caspio account settings > c2eku***.caspio.com] in use as the domain. I use my Caspio Site [Caspio account settings > b5.caspio.com] as the bdomain for this link. Hope this helps
  13. Email clients don't like style tags, so we must use inline styles. <span style="display: none[@param1]">[@param1]</span> If Param1 = null, then style="display: none" will render normally, thus hiding the span. If it's not null then it will be something that doesn't compute... like style="display: noneABCD", which won't hide the span
  14. This caused problems for me.... found a workaround #caspioform div[style="position: relative"] { height: 0px; }
  15. Try making the first page a user begins this process on a submission form that will alert the user when they're adding the duplicate record BEFORE any auto-submitting. I can't tell for sure, but it seems like you're passing params from one DP to the next in order to add multiple records. Then along the way, a non-unique error pops up and a loop ensues. Ensure this error prevents the user from proceeding by moving the unique record to the beginning. You can also add code to the Localization Error message.
  16. Cascading fields. They're easy to figure out, as long as you know that's what you need.
  17. HTML Block *You must use a div - not an a tag. Caspio's HTML editor doesn't allow you to have divs inside an a tag. <div onclick="location.assign('yourLink.html');"> <div class="field-1">[@field:DataSourceField1]</div> <div class="field-2">[@field:DataSourceField2]</div> <div class="field-3">[@field:DataSourceField3]</div> </div>
  18. Create HTML Blocks for each error message you'd like to display. Then use the "Rules" tab to show/hide these blocks.
  19. You're using the same identifier for different calcs. var convertField = document.getElementsByClassName('cbFormData')[0]; This is why the value from the second calc is showing up in the first element.... the first code runs perfectly, then before you can see the result the of that calc, the second code fills the data into the first element. Might be as simple as changing to var convertField = document.getElementsByClassName('cbFormData')[1]; Try to use ID rather than CLASS[*], you have much better control. If your Virtual Params are Cascading, that explains why you
  20. I can't tell when you want the data copied based on your question, so I'll try to help, assuming you want the description copied after the user types a description. <script> var caspioDescriptionElement = document.getElementById('EditRecordDescription'); var formDescriptionElement = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1"); formDescriptionElement.onchange = function() { caspioDescriptionElement.value = formDescriptionElement.value; } </script> While writing this, I noticed that you're missing a "document" before "getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual1")[0].value; ". Tha
  21. No code needed. Use "Rules" within the DataPage editor to show or hide specific elements based on values in your data. p.s. Java and JavaScript are not the same thing, and Java is not likely to help you much in Caspio.
  22. You're using a JS var outside of a JS function. - <a href=("dynLink").... Rather, you need assign the href from within the JS function. You can also simplify your code by removing the else and simply starting with the link that should be there when the "if" fails <script> window.onload = testFormRes; function testFormRes() { var dynLink; var linkEle = document.getElementById('dynLinkEle'); if ("[@authfield:Restricted^]"=="yes"){ dynLink="https://c0ect240.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=eeda30004146e1be17fe4f64a319"; linkEle.href = dynLink; } } </script> <
  23. Auto-Submitting does not work when more than one DataPage is present in a web-page. A workaround would be to change to a one-DataPage layout. Auto-submit the first page, then upon submitting, pass the param through, load the second DataPage which also auto-submits, then refresh the child.
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