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  1. What you're seeing at jsfiddle isn't a dropdown. It's just a button with a down arrow. So, in that case you could create a button that changes an element from "display: none;" to "display: block" or "height: 0px" to "height: 64px". Then embed the Caspio snippet into that element. In order for the entire page to not refresh, you need to use IFRAMES. This gets very complicated, but some info on how to work with IFRAMES in Caspio can be found here -> http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/5232-loading-forms-while-embedded/ Hope this helps
  2. "several pages works with the same authentications" You probably have more than one authentication. Use only one if you want to only log in once.
  3. From my understanding you'll need to 1) filter your data by food or drink item each time you want to run a report, or 2) have a separate data page for each food or drink item that automatically filters by a specific food item.
  4. Hello Gurus! I am hoping to redirect users of my app to a login page when they get timed out. Does anybody have a workflow built for this? Currently, if a user times out they simply get logged out, but remain on the same page. So when they come back it looks like the attached image. This 1) looks unprofessional and 2) doesn't allow me to perform login routines that I can perform when logging in from the correct page. Any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated. BeGreat CHAD
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    Rules Error

    Are the data types set to Display Only? This seems to prevent Fields from showing up in Rules for a Details Page I'm currently working on
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    B-bump it up
  7. I should have been more clear... that's what I used to to, but that form has gone away. it was something like .parentDiv table[name="cbTable"] {display: none;} .parentDiv table[name="cbTable"]:last-child{display: block;} Hope this helps
  8. iframes are a super challenge, but they were worth it to me. check out my edit
  9. For now, use CSS to hide everything else... that's what I do to accomplish the same thing
  10. Use iframes IFRAME: <iframe name="ifrPerson" class="licIframe" id="ifrPerson"></iframe> HTML... <!doctype html> <html> <head> </head> <body onload="resizeFrame('ifrPerson')"> <div id="ifr" class="ifrContent killHeader"> <!-- caspio snippet --> <script type="application/javascript" src="xxx"></script> <script type="application/javascript">try{f_cbload("xxxxxxxxxxxxx","http:");}catch(v_e){;}</script> <!-- caspio snippet --> </div> </body> </html> I use a script to
  11. ezIQchad


    Hello all! I have a brain twister here .... there's gotta be a way. CCarls3 got very close with Email Trigger of Multiple Records, but rather than simply sending email notifications, how can we automatically create multiple records based on the results of a query (or displayed on a DataPage)? I hope to automate the scheduling of Tasks. Please consider the following scenario: ScheduledTask - ScheduledTaskID - Scheduled Activity - Due Date Workflow (Parent table that describes an automated workflow) - WorkflowID - WorkflowName WorkflowStep (Child) - Workfl
  12. Thanks Jan, I was able to use your approach to enable records being deleted! It's far from perfect, but at least it's functional now
  13. Hi, Did we just lose functionality of breaking lines of text in hints? I can't be 110% sure, but it seems like Line of Text 1<br>Line of text 2 used to render as , but now it seems to be just Any help will be greatly appreciated THANKS CHAD
  14. Hello, Recently Inline Delete has stopped working because the confirmation popup doesn't escape the iframe from which it originates, so confirming a delete request is no longer possible. Please see attached image => Can anybody think of a way to fix this? Thanks!
  15. I've tried both; neither option changes anything. Additionally, the stored values are in fact equal to the display.
  16. Hi, Is there a special character I can use to help me sort Radio Button lists? Sorting seems to have gone away entirely for Radio Buttons. Please see attached image. It isn't following any type of sorting rules. A, A, S, P? Thanks
  17. Per Jan: <script> document.getElementsByName("dataSourceField")[0].parentNode.style.fontSize="0"; </script>
  18. It happens on 3 different Data Pages on 4 Different Pages. (which happens to be on every Radio Button I use) Thanks
  19. I would use a Virtual field that feeds a Calculated Field then //OnMousingOver the Submit or Update Button document.getElementById('**SUBMIT_OR_UPDATE_ELEMENT**').onmouseover = function() { //store the calculated data var vCalc1 = document.getElementById('**CALCULATED_FIELD**'); //identify the field to push the calculated data to var vField1 = document.getElementById('**DATA_FIELD**'); //change the data field vField1.value = vCalc1.value; (OR, vField1.innerHTML = vCalc1.innerHTML;) } Keep everything visible during dev; then you can hide the TextFields for deployment. Hop
  20. I have an idea for a workaround. Use a Report DataPage to show the logged trips. Then use a popup to add additional trips. This way the driver can see everything they've previously added while adding the latest trip. You can see this in action by registering for access to my app, ezIQ, at www.effortlessIQ.com/info#try Hope this helps!
  21. Thanks for looking into it. I'm pretty stumped
  22. Hi Jan, Here is the page - http://eziq.net/1-0/workIt-new.html?DefActionID=101 Result is similar if I choose Top, Left, or No Label. (Gap moves left when Left is chosen) When I add a Label it shows where it should, and the random gap stays in the middle of the Radio Buttons. Thanks CHAD p.s. this requires authentication. I assume you can get by this, but if not you can go get a username and password at effortlessIQ.com
  23. Hello! I am using a radio button to easily allow selecting from a list. It's awesome except that it looks weird. (see attachment) It seems like the cause for this weird behavior is an even more weird span -> span" (What is that solitary quote symbol doing there?) <span"> <input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Admin"> <label for="...">Admin</label> <input type="radio" name="cbParamVirtual5" id="..." value="Call"> <label for="...">Call</label> ... </span"> Any help will, as always, be much appreciated Be great
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