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  1. Hello, I need my users to be able to easily identify duplicate data. Please consider the following scenarios: Lead Address John Daly 11 Main St Kerry Webb 11 Main St Byron Nelson 22 Wall St Sam Snead 22 Wall St John and Kerry are married and should be merged. Byron and Sam are roommates and should not be merged. A computer is not capable of determining who should be merged and who shouldn't; rules like same last name = merged or different last n
  2. Cool, thanks for the explanation. I use multiple datapages in many of my webpages, and every user interaction (up to 75 / hour / user) must process multiple auto-submitting datapages. A tenth of a second per datapage load might add up... we'll see. Thanks
  3. Hello; Do views and tables have different performance characteristics? Or, is their only purpose to provide multi-table data sets? Consider these two scenarios: tbl_1 -> fld_1 | fld_2 | fld_3 | fld_4 | fld_5 | fld_6 frm_1 -> tbl_1.fld_3 | tbl_1.fld_5 Will the following View save me data usage or speed up the call? (or do anything else) view_1 -> tbl_1.fld_3 | tbl_1.fld_5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- frm_2 - tbl_1.fld_1 | tbl_1.fld_2 | tbl_1.fld_3 | tbl_1.fld_4 | tbl_1.fld_5 | tbl_1.fl
  4. Hello all; I am trying to log the time users are logged in, and I am unable to get any precision. I would like hours to be displayed with two decimal places of accurate precision, but Datediff rounds to the nearest unit of time. This (IMO) should be fairly easy to overcome by using a smaller unit of time, and dividing that large number by 60 or 3600 (for minute or second), but no luck. Using the following sessions let's look at what I want, what I've tried, and what I'm getting. SessionID = 1 | LoginDT 8-17-2014 09:00:00 | LogoutDT 8-17-2014 09:15:00 SessionID = 2 | LoginDT 8-17-20
  5. Got It! I use HTML Blocks, assign them id's, and use the following js. function bodyReplace() { var fn = document.getElementById("person"); var fns = fn.getElementsByClassName("fn"); var fnArray = []; for (var i = 0; i < fns.length; i += 1) { fnArray.push(fns[i].innerHTML); } var firstName = document.getElementById("firstName").innerHTML; var str = document.getElementById("emlMessage").innerHTML; var str = str.replace("[[FirstName]]", fnArray); }
  6. Hello; I am working on a Report DataPage that's purpose is to build an email. Each email will be based on a Lead (frmEditEmail's data source is tblLead). Many leads have multiple people, cars, addresses, etc. Example that is working: People in LEAD_1 -> David txtField_fNames: Hi David,.... Example I'm stuck on: People in LEAD_2 -> Alli and Ben txtField_fNames: Hi Alli and Ben,.... (Three or more people will use some js logic to add commas and move and to the end) I cannot figure out how to get more than one name into txtField_fNames. Any Ideas? THANKS
  7. I figured it out. It needs to be the only DataPage on the WebPage. Thanks
  8. Hello; I use the JavaScript Here to format phone numbers. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function f_a(v_id) { return document.getElementById(v_id); } f_a('InsertRecordPhone').maxLength = 14; f_a('InsertRecordPhone').onkeyup = function(v_e) { v_e = v_e || window.event; if (v_e.keyCode >= 65 && v_e.keyCode <= 90){ this.value = this.value.substr(0, this.value.length - 1); return false; }else if (v_e.keyCode >= 37 && v_e.keyCode <= 40){ return true; } var v_value =(this.value.replace(/[^\d]/g, '')); if (v_value.length==7) { this.value = (v_value.substring(0,3)
  9. Awesome! I changed the Goals to General Numbers, the aggregate to COUNT, and used record filtering to account for blanks. Thanks!
  10. Hello; I am working with a report and aggregate functions. I am trying to get a percentage toward a goal. ((COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) Should result in a percentage for completed QuotesFinished to QuotesFinishedPerWeekGoal, but it results in zero. For diagnostic purposes I've checked the following formulas... COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT] = 2 (correct) (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) = 10 (correct) ((MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek]) / (COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT])) = 500.00% (correct)
  11. A workaround that will affect performance is to use multiple data pages and allow your HTML (or Wordpress) to be responsive.
  12. Thanks for the reply! Your first suggestion is employed for my tblUser and tblAccount tables, but the rest of my tables will be too large if I combine accounts and use RLS. Your secound suggestion is my current plan for scaling deployment to many users, and your remark about needing multiple data pages is what I am trying to avoid. My app currently has 65 (and counting) data pages and copying the app, copying the web-site, and re-deploying each data page is a task I am not looking forward to. Anybody know any workarounds? THANKS
  13. Hello; Does anybody know a way to dynamically set the data source of a data page? For example: tblData_[@authfield:AccountID] AccountID = 1 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_1 AccountID = 2 DataPage -> Data Source = tblData_2 Much Thanks!!
  14. Hello; I would like to dynamically choose a lookup table for a dropdown list. Similar to a cascading dropdown, but where the actual lookup table changes. Consider the scenario... Parent Dropdown options: Opt1 & Opt2 When Opt1 is chosen viewOpt1 populates the child dropdown When Opt2 is chosen viewOpt2 populates the child dropdown I have a workaround envisioned that entails adding many fields to the lookup table, and i would prefer to not un-optimize my app by doing that. Does anybody know of a js that can help me with this? Thanks!!
  15. I'm not referring to a Caspio Autocomplete that I can control. I'm referring to the Autocomplete function in all web browsers that get their values from previous entries.
  16. Thanks! I played around with using a text field for a filter rather than the ID# field, and found that for my scenario I used Does not contain and a space to separate the criteria.
  17. Thanks for the reply,,, the reason I couldn't get it to work is that apparently Google Chrome is ignoring .autocomplete = 'off' That code should work in other browsers. A workaround that works, but affects performance, is to create an empty table to use as an AutoComplete lookup table.
  18. Hello; I am trying to create a view in which I would like to use multiple criteria on one field to filter the data. i.e. RecordID <> 101, 109, 117, 131, 140 When I attempt to do this Caspio tells me "Invalid value - Value Must Be A Number" Is there a workaround for this? Thanks!
  19. Hello, Does anybody know how to disable autocomplete on text input fields? THANKS
  20. Something like; General Number = 16 bytes per record Integer = 8 bytes per record Currency = 12 bytes per record Text (255) = 1 byte per 4 character OR 128 bytes per record etc.
  21. Hello All; I am working through optimizing my app and step one is to ensure I'm using the proper field types. Is there an article that describes how much data is used per record per field type? Specifically: General Number Integer Number Currency Number Yes/No Text(255) Text(64000) I have a pretty good guess on how these rank, but more detailed information on exact data used will help greatly. Thanks CHAD
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