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  1. I Chad.

    Are you still using Tinymce  Rich Text editor.  If so, is it complicated to set up?

    Thank you





    1. LWSChad


      I do. I have also tried a Quill, but TinyMCE is my choice. It's pretty straightforward.

      Here is a recent deployment:

      <script src="https://cdn.tiny.cloud/1/your_api_key/tinymce/5/tinymce.min.js" referrerpolicy="origin"></script>
            selector: 'textarea',
            plugins: 'lists image imagetools table tinymcespellchecker fullscreen insertdatetime hr nonbreaking paste code',
            toolbar: 'fullscreen undo redo paste pastetext formatselect bold italic underline forecolor backcolor image table code',
            menubar: 'edit view insert format tools',
            menu: {
                edit: {title: 'Edit', items: 'undo redo | cut copy paste pastetext | selectall'},
                view: {title: 'View', items: 'visualaid fullscreen | code'},
                insert: {title: 'Insert', items: 'image inserttable | hr nonbreaking | charmap | insertdatetime'},
                format: {title: 'Format', items: 'bold italic underline strikethrough superscript subscript | formats fontformats fontsizes align lineheight | forecolor backcolor | removeformat'},
                tools: {title: 'Tools', items: 'spellchecker spellcheckerlanguage'}
            font_formats: 'Arial=arial,sans-serif; Times New Roman="Times New Roman", georgia, serif',
            block_formats: 'Header 1=h1; Header 2=h2; Header 3=h3; Paragraph=p',
            style_formats: [
                { title: 'Heading 1', format: 'h1' },
                { title: 'Heading 2', format: 'h2' },
                { title: 'Heading 3', format: 'h3' },
                { title: 'Paragraph', format: 'p' },
            spellchecker_language: 'en_GB'

      I just added that code to an HTML block below the textarea to format. If you have more than one textarea on your page, change the selector to something like

      selector: '#EditRecordfield_name',


      Sorry about the delay, I didn't get notified of this question

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