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  1. We need to do this: 1. Collect data for first page with embedded Caspio datapage form. 2. When user moves to next page (or, in some cases, the next field on the form), we need authenticate, using the USPS Address Information, the data entered on the page or field just exited (while user is entering the next piece/set of data). --Check with external web service to authenticate the info (eg, make sure the entered address is a USPS deliverable address and put the address in proper USPS format) --Edit the Caspio record with the cleaned up data. Or--if the data doesn't validate (eg, a non-d
  2. Is it possible to automatically assign a specific name to an image/file uploaded through a Datapage?
  3. When using a calendar, is there a way to block out every weekday except Monday's? And by "block out" I mean that one cannot select Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. They can literally only select a date corresponding to a Monday. Thank you. Also, I want wanting to use this custom Date Picker. Is this possible? <script type="text/javascript"> $(function() { $( "#datepicker" ).datepicker(); }); </scri
  4. That link doesn't work. Can you please update the link as I need this information, too.
  5. This worked for me, too! Thank you. I'm a little stuck on what I'm trying to accomplish, however. I need one additional "else" statement (I think). Basically, if the value is "YES" then show text and/or hyperlink, but if value is "NO" show different text and/or hyperlink. Any help you could provide would be awesome!
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