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  1. Thanks for this Jan, however I've spent absolutely ages on that post and I've seemingly got nowhere! I was hoping to see a 'Dummies guide' tutorial which I was hoping would help me to piece everything together. Not to worry, cheers anyway. Mark
  2. Hi I would really like to see a tutorial showing how the RESTapi can be used with Caspio, I have tried playing with it using some apparently good REST clients, however I have only got as far as authenticating using POST. I couldn't get anywhere with the GET commands, I kept getting authorisation errors. Thanks Mark
  3. Are there any newbie friendly resources that might be able to help me with something like this. I'm trying to create an app that logs points, gives users the ability to redeem points and keeps a running balance based on both. I have looked at JS and appears daunting..... Thanks in advance.
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