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  1. Hello Caspio Guru, Thank for your help. I use the format of your example and now there are markers on the map. I am very glad, but the markers are on the wrong place. For example 52.0973888 67.72181328 is in Kazachstan, but I supposed it will be a point in The Netherlands. Is there a different x,y system that I must use? CaspioHeleen
  2. Hi Caspio Ninja, Thank for the link. Have seen the video. Bus in the example in the video they use the adres to map de addresses on the map. I want to use the geo coordinates to map de addresses on the map because I want to map many addresses on the map. But I see the map, without markers. Is there a special coordinates system perhaps? regards, Heleen
  3. I want to use x, y coordinates in my map mashup. But I can not see the markers. The map is on my website, but no markers are on it. I have done all the instructions on the website. In my table de x, y coordinates are type "number". In my datapage number is defined as recommended. This is an example of my coordinates: 520973.888 677218.1328 What do I wrong? Regards Heleen
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