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  1. Perfect. Thanks! I now understand why there is a "Text" and "Value" field. You run the query on the Value field. It was strange to me why you had to duplicate the typing.
  2. When the Search & Report page first pulls up, the fields are all blank, which is very useful to return all the records in a database table. However, if a non-blank field is chosen for a dropdown box (data is pulled from another Table), you can't go back to the blank field for a "Select All" search criteria. The Caspio Table will not accept blank values as a record. Any help appreciated!
  3. I've tried to follow the instructions on that page and created a "Images Search and Report" DataPage. It references "accessLogs.gif" image in the Files root directory, although most of the graphic images are one level down. Update: It's fixed. The table of filenames needed the field to be of type "File" Thanks!
  4. A few graphic images (jpg, gif) for icons were loaded into Caspio's Assets area, but there does not seem to be a way to access the direct link to the image to put on a website. Is this even possible?
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