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  1. When I changed the Authentication profile for a DataPage, on the "Web Form Wizard - DataPage DataSource" page, it changed, the "Web Form Wizard - Single Record Update" setting to "Find record through Record Level Security", which means the app lost the ID it needed to pull up the entire record for the DataPage. The error was "No records found" Caspio forced the change, not me. Just be careful. This bug took me a little time to find. The graphic is the screenshot of where the fix was made.
  2. Perfect. Thanks! I now understand why there is a "Text" and "Value" field. You run the query on the Value field. It was strange to me why you had to duplicate the typing.
  3. When the Search & Report page first pulls up, the fields are all blank, which is very useful to return all the records in a database table. However, if a non-blank field is chosen for a dropdown box (data is pulled from another Table), you can't go back to the blank field for a "Select All" search criteria. The Caspio Table will not accept blank values as a record. Any help appreciated!
  4. I've tried to follow the instructions on that page and created a "Images Search and Report" DataPage. It references "accessLogs.gif" image in the Files root directory, although most of the graphic images are one level down. Update: It's fixed. The table of filenames needed the field to be of type "File" Thanks!
  5. A few graphic images (jpg, gif) for icons were loaded into Caspio's Assets area, but there does not seem to be a way to access the direct link to the image to put on a website. Is this even possible?
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