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  1. Thanks, but Rules don't apply for what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I understand that this may be an html box on my report. I need to accomplish the following, and I'm not sure if can be done. If [field1] is blank or if [field2] (a file upload field) is empty, then return a statement "DISCLAIMERS OUT OF COMPLIANCE" (and maybe in red???) (otherwise) if [field1] is blank or [field2] (a file upload field) is empty, then return a statement "DISCLAIMERS IN COMPLIANCE" (and maybe in blue???) Thanks !!!
  3. This worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your time to help me.
  4. Thank you so much for this. I'll give it a shot.
  5. Hey guys....real rookie here, so any help appreciated. I have a details report set up that is derived by using a passthrough external parameter. From the details report, I would like to have a button to "Add a New Record" which will include the same passthrough parameter variable into a form. How do I create the button (separate html code on my web page?) and how do I setup the passthrough parameter on the button? Thanks !
  6. So, I've come up with a wish list for my existing app. Unfortunately, it will require a basic re-write of about 1/2 the datasheets. I'm wondering what would be the best way to do this, while still allowing my existing apps to continue working. What I don't want to do is create new datasheets for testing purposes, and then come back to the original ones and modify them. I'd rather create new ones and then replace the old with the new. But I need to make sure the data is in place. Just looking for any thoughts from someone who has done this before.
  7. 2 tables: Sales_person and Sales_Entry. Sales_Entry is authenticated by the email address of the sales_person. I would like to create a 2nd user (the sales person's assistant) to be able to have their own login, yet have record level authenticated access to the sale's person's data. (The purpose for this is to eventually provide the assistant with filtered data not including all the information that the sales person sees). Is there a way to create an authentication that accesses information that is already authenticated to another user? (If that terminology makes sense)
  8. I"m using Compliance version, and it seems the "Details" feature in DataPage Reports does not work correctly. Once the details are loaded, I attempt to click on any field and I'm taken to the URL shown below. Anyone else experiencing this? Thanks !!
  9. Thank you, however, I'm trying to run a report that basically has 2 forms of criteria. This year to date AND last year to date. I fully understand how to do one of them (your link), but not to produce the report with both sets of criteria. Thanks
  10. I have a table called "Sales" which has fields Salesperson, Date_of_Sale, and Sales_Amount For any given Salesperson, I would like this report to show the sales for the current year-to-date AND the prior year-to-date. I'm completely comfortable with creating it if it were only for this year, but how do I get the field in place to reflect the prior year-to-date as well as make a subtraction between the 2 fields? At a loss, and I appreciate the help.
  11. Hi, @Vitalikssssss Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure this is what I'm looking for. I'm actually looking for the ability to enter multiple items in the original Form (sales order form), not in a Report. (Assume I don't have any records yet, and I want to add more based on someone keying in their sales order).
  12. I would like to create a simple online ordering form where users can order multiple items. Table is Order in relation to Items table. Customer enters order on Order_Form (I know how to set all this up), but if they want to order 5 different items, they can do so on one form, not one at a time with individual submissions. What am I missing that I can easily do this? Looked through video tutorials and help...couldn't find. Customer: Item Quantity Extended Item Quantity Extended Item Quantity Extended Item Quantity Extended Item Quantity
  13. In my datapage, I'd like the user to be able to modify all fields if field "commissions_paid" is not filled by our admin team. However, if the field is not blank, I would like to lock about 5 fields on that record from modification. I know I can use rules, but I need the "commissions_paid" field to be a View Only field (the user can not have access to this field), thus limiting the ability to use the rules feature. Any thoughts on how I can do this? I'd be willing to accept the option of locking the entire record if the above condition exists. TIA
  14. What are the requirements and  your budget?

    1. jeffs88keys


      I have an app where our travel agents report their gross commission paid by the supplier.   A date range table determines the % of commission they earn.  However, we have several other factors that determine their % including whether it's their own purchase, whether the lead was given to them, etc.  Each of these variables is stored in a table.

      So, I need to be able to show the proper % of commission that they've earned as a calculation based on these variables.

      I know that's not detailed, but is a sense of what we are looking for.  

      The foundation is in place, but I just need help putting these calculations in.

      As to budget, I don't really have one.  i guess I'm looking for someone to scope out what we need and let me know what it will take to get done.



  15. So I have a pretty complex app, but I'm really stuck on one element that will require some JS coding. I honestly don't have the time or the inclination to do it myself. Anyone interested in helping me out for $$? HMU.
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