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  1. What are the requirements and  your budget?

    1. jeffs88keys


      I have an app where our travel agents report their gross commission paid by the supplier.   A date range table determines the % of commission they earn.  However, we have several other factors that determine their % including whether it's their own purchase, whether the lead was given to them, etc.  Each of these variables is stored in a table.

      So, I need to be able to show the proper % of commission that they've earned as a calculation based on these variables.

      I know that's not detailed, but is a sense of what we are looking for.  

      The foundation is in place, but I just need help putting these calculations in.

      As to budget, I don't really have one.  i guess I'm looking for someone to scope out what we need and let me know what it will take to get done.



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