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  1. If i have a parameter name of ID what should the parameter value be set to in order to indentify the records attached to it. Whe it was set up the value of ID was all numerical, when I go to my "details" page it says, " This datapage uses parameters, to stimulate this datapage with parameters, please enter values below what values do I enter seeing that my records are numbered from 1 to 347?
  2. I recently updated my database and the ID tags are not showing in the string. Can someone please show me how to fix this. Jason at Caspio did it once for me and I didn't get the opportunity to write it down, please help. This is what is happening, when I enter a name in the search box and click enter, that name comes up but all of other information that I have under other names come up as well. I know it has something to do with the ID field not displaying properly, I just need a little bit of help. Best, Myra
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