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  1. Thanks MayMusic, that is indeed the second half of what I was wanting to happen.
  2. Thanks, Jan. I was able to put a simple document.write command in the header of the results page, and apparently it is receiving nulls from the search page. I'll go back and review the settings on the search page and see if I can spot what I did wrong.
  3. I've been working with the separated Search and Results pages, and logically it seems to be the way to go. Haven't been able to actually make them work yet, so I assume I've done something wrong. Does anyone know how to display the parameters that are actually being passed? My parameters are [@Day], [@Meal] and [@Loc],
  4. Jan, thanks so much for the suggestion! Could be just what I'm looking for. I'll check it out and let you know. I was having no luck at all with JS in the Results Page header section.
  5. I have set up a Caspio datasheet report with a search page, a results page, and a detail page. My search page uses three sets of radio buttons to control the search, and they work fine. However I can't figure out how to implement my next step. I want the top of the results page (header?) to show what choices the user made. Then I want those buttons to still be selected if the user chooses to "search again." Although Caspio documentation is impressive, I can't seem to find "the big picture" that shows how to put the pieces together. And in the absence of working samples I can't figure
  6. Hi Jan, thanks for taking a look at this. I edited my second post (above) to make it a bit more clear. I generated styles by going to the Styles menu and making a copy of the default Caspian which I then named TEST. In TEST I chose a variety of colors for the different field types, labels, etc. Then I connected TEST to my datapage via the checkbox on the styles form. To answer your question I've now gone back to the TEST style and changed the color of Results Page - Data to green+bold and saved it. Here is what I'm seeing now in the results page data fields: 1) Live webpage with embedded
  7. New information: Over the weekend I've discovered that my style for data works when I EMBED the datasheet code on a live web page. It does NOT show up when I use the IFRAME or datasheet PREVIEW FUNCTION. Perhaps this is a bug? Martin
  8. I'm trying out Caspio for the first time and having a problem with styling the basic data fields on a simple results page. I've even put wild colors into every styling attribute I could find in hopes of finding the one I need to change - but so far no luck. If you look at the attached screenshot of my results page, you'll see what my problem is. This is a test application I started to learn Caspio. It finds which restaurants are available based on a set of choices. You'll see that I've successfully applied a style to the restaurant name (under "record actions" for some reason), but the
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