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  1. Hi thank you for the response. Unfortunately formula fields are not visible on the submission form (to my knowledge). I need the date+1 to appear on the submission form prior to submission. If the date needs to be changed due to the result of the +1 date calculation, the user can do so prior to submitting the form.
  2. Hi, I have a simply one that I just can not figure out. I know it's easy but I haven't been able to get this to work. I have a field where the user will enter a date. I want to take that date and add one, then insert into another field on a submission form. Field Name: End Date (user entered) = 10/23/2017 Field Name: Expire Date (calculated) = 10/24/2017 Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Quick question because I have similar issue. What if you wanted the date to appear on the submission prior to the form being submitted? So if the user needed to change the date based on the calculation result they could? A formula field would give you the correct result but is not able to be displayed on the submission form.
  4. I am attempting to use a simply JavaScript to create an extended cost on a submission form. I have a few lines of this. When I add the JavaScript, only the last script works. Almost like it is canceling out the prior. I do not know how to make them both work or how to combine them into one larger script. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. My lines of code are inserted below. They work individually but not both at once on the same submission form. <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculateextcost1() { var v_item1 = parseFloat(document.getElementById("Insert
  5. I've finally gotten this to work. I had a typo in one of my parameter names and made one of the changes you recommended above. Thanks so much for your help with this!
  6. Hi, The ields were not required. I have set them all to required and have set their default value to 0.00 on load so that there will be no blank values if the fields are not required to be used be the end user. However, when I have all value fields populated and balanced the script still delivers the alert message that there was an error and then submitted the form when clicking "ok" to the alert. It also does this when they do not balance.
  7. Hi! I was hoping to have the use be able to see the total as the information was entered and then execute the check on submit. But if I am not able to this will work just fine. I did as you instructed and hid the invoice total field. I updated the parameters names to the field names used in my table and inserted into the footer of my data page. When I tested the functionality, whether my totals are equal or not, I receive the pop alert and then when I click ok, the form submits. ? Are you able to assist? Do you need me to send you any information to see?
  8. I have a submission form that will capture a transaction total, 5 separate invoice totals, and freight charged. I would like to create a field that would add all the invoice totals and freight to a grand total. Also with a condition that would not allow the form to be submitted if the transaction total and invoice grand total are not equal. Is this possible in a submission form?
  9. Hi Pisaacs, Have you seen this article in the help topics about mobile usage? http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/mobile-iphone-ipad-android/
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