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  1. How does Caspio Chart a multi series line chart without using 0's for values to match up with the TREND Line when the series is plotting data for dates that haven't occurred yet. Blue is a TREND Line and Red is Actuals where the X-Axis Date hasn't happened yet. See the image attached for details. Thanks.
  2. I agree that help file is very misleading and makes no sense. Who would actually go through that effort of adding the link in Caspio on a Calendar page when the primary Calendar Mail software being used is Outlook or Gmail Calendars and most people are looking for ways to create snippets of various Caspio data and then get a handy little .ICS snippet that actually creates a Outlook Meeting/Event based on the Caspio data the user was using. Between not having easy to use Date/Email based triggers (other than the emails sent upon updating records) and not having a way to easily create common 3rd party calendar link snippets I'm finding more and more of my clients/users are simply copying data from the screen they are on and then pasting that into their Calendar/Mail program of choice. While that does work it puts me and my services in jeopardy of losing out to another SaaS service that has more bells and whistles. Thank goodness Caspio has solid code embedding in external sites that allow me to add nifty UI features for users and thank goodness Caspio does have solid Architecture that delivers the apps I develop to my clients fast. Those things are pluses and I hope Caspio adds more nifty and cool tools similar to Zapier, IFTT and other API services. If Caspio could open up their APIs and create a partnership with Zapier then that would open up the doors TREMENDOUSLY. That's my two cents for what it's worth. :-) hanks.
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