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  1. No we are not using HTTPS for our SharePoint sites. Should I use the .net Deployment code? (That's what throws the above error) I tried using the Embed code and it seems to work, as in when you hit submit it does not give the error and returns an empty form back as it should. But when I look in the table, there is no record added. Thanks! Kimberly
  2. I just starting to use Caspio and trying to play with forms displaying in our Sharepoint pages. I have created the simple Contact Application from your tutorials and then the form, and now I am trying to deploy it on a Sharepoint page. It will display, and I can fill out the form and submit it. But after I hit the submit button, I get this error and it does not go in the table out on Caspio: System error. Please contact your Caspio Bridge system administrator for assistance.The state information is invalid for this page and might be corrupted. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Kimberly
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