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  1. Hi All I am trying to sum AND add a percentage to two separate columns in a tabular report. I can do this fine with two separate aggregates: SUM(cost_2017)*1.1 = aggregate 1 SUM(cost_2018)*1.1 = aggregate 2 But the results fall in two different rows for each aggregate. How do I just do one aggregate, but for column 2017 costs, use the cost_2017 number and for column 2018 costs, use the cost_2018 numbers for the column 2018 costs and they fall in the same row. I can select both the cost 2017 and cost 2018 numbers in the selected fields, but can only do a formula for EITHER of them... Doing a SUM this way works (I can pull over 2017 and 2018 costs, and get two different sums in one row), but this doesn't seem possible for formulae? Thanks in advance melissa Example attached
  2. So I am trying to limit a user from selecting an entry using an autocomplete (or I guess could be a dropdown). This user entry field is using a column in a table as the source. This is a complete list with all possible selections available (no replicates, and they are unique). The user selects 3 selections on a weekly basis (Pick1, Pick2, Pick3) and the items are entered into the Pick table. The catch is that the user CANNOT pick any of the previous selections from the previous week in the current submit week. So I have created a formula in the Pick table to concatenate all 3 picks each week for a user into one field. And I have been able to use this concatenated field in a RULE to at least warn the user that they are making an illegal choice. However, I cannot remove the previous picks from the source table to make that not even available for selecting. And I cannot prevent the user from still click the submit button (unless there is a way to implement a RULE to hide submit button until user fixes their selections...) So I am wondering if there is a way to remove the previous picks from the users options to select. These picks (text255 fields) also have an accompanying ID with them. And these text values are also unique, I enforce this. Example is the user is supposed to select 3 numbers from a table populated with the numbers 1 to 20. They cannot select the same number in the same session. So they select 1, 2, 3 in week 1. Now in week #2, they can select ANY 3 numbers (no repeats again) EXCEPT 1, 2, 3. So can the numbers 1, 2, 3 be removed from the dropdown (or autocomplete list) for just week 2. They are legal choices in week 3, but now week 2's number selections are "illegal". Each user will have the same situation, and the datapage is authenticated and I use the USERID. Thanks in advance
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone uses Caspio for helping others with their database needs. Meaning you do the work with Caspio and set up what the customer needs and charge them. With the new account structure, how can this be achieved with the number of datapage limits? And are you able to get back your costs for caspio from your work each month? thanks
  4. Also... why do you add a "b" in front of the field picker value?
  5. May, you rock! That worked. However I have two buttons in this datapage, and it seems they affect each other. So I a m wondering if I have to label the variables differently so the buttons behave independently. Essentially one button appears after a date, and another button appears before a date. I tried to change the name of the variables (e.g. var date1) but that doesn't seem to work. Not sure if I need to change the "new Date" to something else, but that may be a standard term. So I would need the same script but different IF statement (and can you do >= or <=? <div id="b[@field:RID#]"></div> <script> var date= new Date('[@field:Date*]'); var today = new Date('[@cbTimestamp*]'); if (date today){ document.getElementById('b[@field:RID#]').innerHTML = '<DIFFERENT BUTTON INFO> '; } </script>
  6. I would like to conditionally display a button when a date condition has been met. Now I am displaying the following button all the time, but it becomes obsolete at a certain point: <button onclick="location.href='https://banjimmie.weebly.com/submit-picks-pass.html?rid=[@field:RID#]'" type="button">SUBMIT PICKS</button> I would like to display this button only when a field in a table [@date] is on or before today's date. Is this possible? Thanks in advance melissa
  7. Just wondering if there is a way to find the second lowest number in a view. I have done the SQL for lowest number: SELECT TOP(1) Drivers_Driver FROM _v_Race_Results_v WHERE Results_RID=[@field:RID] ORDER BY Results_Finish ASC I see it's possible by nesting queries using select distinct? Not sure. Just need to find the next lowest entry in this list. thanks
  8. Do you know how to select second highest or lowest number in a table?
  9. Hi I am re-using a javascript code I have used many times successfully in the past, but I can't seem to get it to work now. It DOES work when I preview the datapage, but on the live website it does not. I am using a conditional display that I have confirmed still works on other live websites, it was copied directly from a datapage that is currently working but I switched out the field using field picker and the image link... <script> var link_text="[@field:Make]"; var src_address="https://banjimmie.weebly.com/uploads/2/8/3/6/28360873/chevy_orig.png"; var image_to_display='<a href="' + link_text + '"><img src="' + src_address + '"></a>'; if (link_text=='Chevrolet') { document.write(image_to_display); } </script> Previewing this directly from the datapage WORKS. Viewing on my live website DOES NOT. I use Weebly, and this code still works on all my other weebly sites for other pages. I am very confused. I use a hidden page on weebly to view the image rather than uploading to Caspio. This works on my other sites. thanks melissa
  10. I put this in the footer and I cannot seem to get it to work... The passed parameter is in the URL and I tested with this parameter,if the param (I substituted the field with the field picker) = passed parameter, then display is none, but it displays... http://itselementaryff.weebly.com/stats.html?playerid=491&position=D/ST&cbResetParam=1 param passed is D/ST, and the datapage footer as results is: <script type="text/javascript"> window.onload= function my_funct(){ var check='[@field:All_Players_Position]'; if (check !='D/ST'){ document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; } } </script> I tried it as the actual field name and also as the value I assigned to it when passing ([@position]) and it showed in both instances
  11. Thank you. But how do I arrange this in the webpage. Do I embed the deploy code within this hide function or are they separate? And if there are several conditions, can I just add in more statements or do I use an OR statement?, e.g. var check='[@param]'; if (check != 'X'){ document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; var check='[@param]'; if (check != 'Y'){ document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none';
  12. I was wondering if you could conditionally display deploy code based on a passed parameter. If the parameter = X, then show the deploy code, if not, then hide it. thanks
  13. I am also trying this and gotten it to submit a signature on a single record update page. The Signature int he Table appears as a bunch of characters and numbers, which I assume is what it is supposed to so. HOwever when I try to display this signature on the details page as asuggested in the article, the same gobbeldy gook appears... is this what is supposed to appear? I assume it translates this stuff back into an actual signature... maybe not. I tried in both Mozilla (38.0.5) and Chrome 3.0.2357.124 thanks.
  14. I have two tables, one a general employee table (Payroll master) with emplyee id, payrate, etc. Another with weekly hours (Payroll journal). I have a submission datapage to enter hours. And in a Tabular datapage with a View of both these tables, I can calculate the weekly pay based on rate and hours. However, I can't seem to figure out how to capture this calculated field in the payroll journal table so its archived. I have tried JS but it doesn't work (I try to pull in the pay rate from master table in a virtual field based on employee ID, and use the entered value for regular hours). <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calculateregpay() { var v_reghr = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordPayroll_journal_Regular_Hours").value); var v_regpay = parseFloat(document.getElementById("InsertRecordPayroll_master_Pay_rate").value); var v_totalreghr = (v_reghr * v_ regpay); document.getElementById("InsertRecordPayroll_journal_Regular_Pay").value = (v_ totalreghr).toFixed(2); } /* On submitting the webform, the function calculate is executed */ document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=calculateregpay; </SCRIPT>
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