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  1. Hi, I am trying to build a report from a view which has record information/details/units in one table (with all the information) and a transactions table with incoming money.... if I have the main table with the info and i create fields for the totals per unit, I am able to create pretty nice reports that total etc... if I try to create that report with a view (join of the two table) things do not work. Is there a way to have a transaction table with a bunch of transactions that auto updates a total field in the associated record on the information table? I tried also building reports with SQL statements but caspio does not seem to work with the DISTINCT statement in reports properly... Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the reply!! I tried this and it does not work. I have verified that the parameters being passed from the form match the fields in caspio. I just can not make machforms send the data to the caspio table... I did add the html for auto-submitting within the datapage but not sure how that would work when the form is trying to submit data via a URL. I will try to add the code within the actual page where the form is sitting and see if that will help... Thanks again! I hate being frustrated
  3. Hi I need some help. I am trying to add data to a table via a form that is already created with MachForms. They allow passing data to external websites via http post. I read the article on making this work with external forms but I can not make this work for me. The article referenced using <form method post action to the caspio URL> and adding hidden input type to the AppKey for the datapage. I have tried placing this everywhere and added it on the MAchForms parameters as well. I attached a screen shot of the notifications settings that I can control to pass parameters and to where it lets me enter the URL for my caspio datapage. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!
  4. Hi everyone. I need to change the format of the pop-up selector in a datapage or even for the whole app. I have changed the localization of the date/time to the format I want 9/27/2014 when I click a date in a calendar pop-up. However, even though I have set the localization for this format, it adds a 0 in front of all the months that are one digit. No matter what I can not get the format to change on a calendar pop-up. Where do I change the calendar pop-up format to 9/27/2014 instead of 09/27/2014 (this is what it does) THANKS
  5. Hello. I am trying to create a summary report with calculated fields however I am having issues with the report. In the big picture I want to do SQL COUNTS to see if data is in a particular field however I want to group those counts by districts. There are 1202 records and 12 districts. I can not make a summary report that calculates totals for the 12 districts. I am learning as I go but I am trying something new... In one of the calculated fields (at this point I tried a new report with only this calculated field to see if I could get 12 DISTINCT records) I am trying to do a SQL DISTINCT command that only pulls the 12 DISTINCT names from the District column in the table. I am not sure if I am missing something in caspio to make this work... here is what I have: SELECT DISTINCT [@field:District] FROM tbl_Charter_Base when I do this in caspio it pulls every record in the 'District' column to total 1202 records instead of pulling only the DISTINCT records (12) any ideas? Not sure what I am missing... THANKS for YOUR HELP!
  6. I Have tried to get support but they are not responding to my ticket and I have been struggling with this very simple task for a report. I need to create a calculated field that counts the number of fields with data in a column by district - do not count NULL fields. In normal SQL, you can use a count function which does not include NULL fields but this counts everything for some reason. Not sure what I am doing wrong but here is the statement which should pull the count of fields with data but instead counts all the fields by distrcit.. ANY help would be appreciated... select count(Dropping_Unit) FROM CH_tbl_Base WHERE District=[@field:DistrictName] THANKS
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