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  1. Hi, I am trying to build a report from a view which has record information/details/units in one table (with all the information) and a transactions table with incoming money.... if I have the main table with the info and i create fields for the totals per unit, I am able to create pretty nice reports that total etc... if I try to create that report with a view (join of the two table) things do not work. Is there a way to have a transaction table with a bunch of transactions that auto updates a total field in the associated record on the information table? I tried also building reports with SQL statements but caspio does not seem to work with the DISTINCT statement in reports properly... Thanks,
  2. Thanks for the reply!! I tried this and it does not work. I have verified that the parameters being passed from the form match the fields in caspio. I just can not make machforms send the data to the caspio table... I did add the html for auto-submitting within the datapage but not sure how that would work when the form is trying to submit data via a URL. I will try to add the code within the actual page where the form is sitting and see if that will help... Thanks again! I hate being frustrated
  3. Hi I need some help. I am trying to add data to a table via a form that is already created with MachForms. They allow passing data to external websites via http post. I read the article on making this work with external forms but I can not make this work for me. The article referenced using <form method post action to the caspio URL> and adding hidden input type to the AppKey for the datapage. I have tried placing this everywhere and added it on the MAchForms parameters as well. I attached a screen shot of the notifications settings that I can control to pass parameters and to where it lets me enter the URL for my caspio datapage. Any suggestions? THANKS!!!
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