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  1. Thanks for the answer Caspio Guru, but this is no what I mean. The price should really be stored in the Unit Price Field in the Orders Table because when I look at old orders I want to see the price of the moment of ordering and not the actual price. So I am really looking at a way to copy the price of a product into the order table at the moment of entry of the order
  2. Maybe the description of the problem is not what it should be but let me describe my problem. I want to add products to an order. I have an order table with customer_ID, product_ID , Quantity, Unit_Price fields I also have a product table with Product_ID, Product_Description, Unit_Price , and Stock_Quantity When I enter a Product_ID (combobox) in my order tabel I want to copy the Unit_Price from the product table into the Unit_Price field in the order table. What is the best way to do this ? Thanx
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