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  1. I have enabled an automatic email to be sent to a user upon completion of a form submission; however, when I test it out, no email is actually being sent. Any idea on what the problem is or how to fix it?
  2. MayMusic - I am in need of this solution too. I deployed a "child" tabular report as an iframe in an HTML block of the "parent" details page and included the unique ID in the iframe code but the child report is not receiving the ID parameter from the parent report. Could you offer more details on how to get the two reports to be linked and displaying on the same page?
  3. That worked!!! Thank you soooo much!
  4. I tried your suggestion Jan and it appears to see the correct value. For example, I typed in "3" for the family number and it passed it as such to the search form. The resulting message was Parameter=3 End of parameter We are trying to look into a way to remove the #! from our website's url in case that is what is blocking the parameter from being passed. We use wix to produce our website and the url is automatically generated including the #!. Do you know how to remove that?
  5. Thanks again Jan; however I don't see a checkbox option to "pass autonumber on exit" in the steps of the search and report wizard. I only am used to seeing that in a submission form wizard. I did include the words "insertrecord" in the parameter of the details reports that are supposed to be receiving the autonumber. Should that work? Is that possible to do? It seems like it should be, given that autonumbers are generally used as the unique IDs and therefore would be the only value that could be uniquely passed.
  6. Now I got the page to open properly by putting /html at the end of the url address, but the parameter is not passing properly. All if the records are showing instead of just the one that matches the parameter. any ideas? does it make a difference if the parameter field is an autonumber?
  7. Thanks Jan. I tried that and it still opens the main page of our website instead of the details page when I click on the link.
  8. Hi Jan - Here is the link. Sorry I'm leaving out our actual web site address so no access to the actual pages. <a href="http://www.oursite.org/#!families-details/c229?Family_Number=[@field:Family_Number#]">Details</a>
  9. I'm stuck. I am trying to create two web pages that are in a one-to-many relationship according to the tutorial and video from the Caspio support center. The directions have me add an html block in the Configure Results section of the search and report datapage that appears in the first web page. The html block is a simple tag to redirect to the next web page and pass an ID as the parameter. The next page then has three datapages deployed on it, each set up to receive the ID as the unique parameter and thus show data ONLY related to that ID. In our particular case, we have a database of volunteers called "elves" and each has a unique "Elf ID". The search and report page should allow us to search for a volunteer and then when we click on the html link set up, I want the next page to show that volunteer's contact information (a details report), contribution history (a tabular report), and their volunteer history (a details report). I did everything according to the tutorial and video. The search and results datapage is working fine, but when I click on the html link to go to the next page, it redirects me to the homepage of our website, not the correct url where the subsequent three datapages are deployed. I have checked and double checked the html code and it looks exactly like it should (and shows that it is passing the parameter - according to the url that comes up on the bottom of the screen when you hover over the link.) Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem?
  10. Thanks Jan. I also need a way to return to the first submission form to start the data entry process over again. How can I add a button (or something else) to do this?
  11. I have two tables set up in a parent, child relationship. The parent table stores contact information for a family, while the second table stores information about the children in that family (name, age, gender.) I have set it up so that the autonumber from the family submission form passes through to the child form, but I can't figure out how to get the two forms to deploy on the same page and make this happen. In other words, a user needs to be able to enter a family's contact information and then complete entries for multiple children in that family. Then I need the user to be able to start over and enter another family's information. Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
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