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  1. Hi Jan, Many many thanks. All working. I'm really annoyed with myself as this was one of the very first things I looked at. I can't remember why I decided this wasn't the problem. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Jan, So it worked correctly when you ran it? return false is really handy for troubleshooting. Thanks. I think we're talking slightly at crossed purposes though. It's not just when I select "-- Any --" in those two fields. No matter what selection is made no value appears to be attributed to Virtual9 and 11.
  3. Hi Jan, thanks for coming back to me. Just to clarify when you say "Any" field, do you mean when the user makes any selection at all or when they make the selction "Any". For the record, no matter what selection (or multiple selections) they make in the list box, an empty value is passed (or nothing is passed). Using "return false;" I confirmed that the fields Virtual9 and 11 had no value (not even "") but I'm not sure what you mean by You can enter the correct value to the "Any" item, it will be like: a1" OR "a2" OR "a3" OR "a4" OR "a5
  4. Right, I'm with you now. http://eu1.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=d55b3000ebf211919bc94d4ca485 All listboxes. cbParamVirtual1 - 5 using only text fields. cbParamVirtual6 (which doesn't have to be split) is a number field.
  5. Hey Jan, Yes, they are all on the same form. Just one form feeding a results page. Do you mean the site url or the app? Thanks Jay
  6. Well, 3 days of looking at this and still can't figure it out. cbParamVirtual3 and 5 have the correct values but something happens during the splitAndParse function and they never make it to cbParamVirtual9 and 11. Stumped!
  7. Can't figure out what would cause this problem. In the code below cbParamVirtual7 ,8 and 10 field values are all being passed to a new datapage as I'd expect. 9 and 11 are passing no values. I've ruled out the results datapage accepting the values as I can input the parameters manually using the preview option and get the desired result. I've gone over and over this and cannot find anything wrong. Can someone give me pointers as to a possible cause or where to go next? <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> /* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */ v
  8. I think I have code blindness . Can you spot anything obvious as to why the second parameter isn't returning any records even if a single selection is made? The first field works like a charm. <script type="text/javascript"> var fieldName1 = "cbParamVirtual1"; var fieldName2 = "cbParamVirtual2"; var x1=document.getElementsByName(fieldName1); var x2=document.getElementsByName(fieldName2); x1[0].multiple=true; x2[0].multiple=true; function splitAndParse() { var result1 = ""; var result2 = ""; var cleanResult1 = ""; var cleanResult2 = ""; for (var
  9. Cheers Jan. That's a useful link to bookmark. That solves half my problem . Now how do I tell my results page to pick out either of the selected options?
  10. Hi Jan, it's just a simple list box. I'm assuming the problem must be because I'm using virtual fields? I'm also assuming the fieldname should be the virtual field name (although I've tried others).
  11. Hi, I'm using a submission form as a search form (auto submit with virtual fields) but cannot get the multi-select to work. The only reference I could find to it was here. http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/3148-js-select-multiple-values-from-a-listbox-in-a-webform/?hl=%2Bselect+%2Bmultiple+%2Bvalues+%2Bfrom+%2Blistbox+%2Bwebform#entry9870 I've followed these simple instructions but still can't multi-select. Not sure where I can be going wrong. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Thanks Jan. I'm still using autosubmit with my database (results to details page) due to wordpress ignoring variables in the URLs. On reading further it looks like this can be overcome so I'll give it a go.
  13. Okay, so I've migrated my site to wordpress. The site has two distinct functions. The database search using caspio for a set of products and the wordpress posts with information relating to those products. What would be really good is if I can integrate the two. So the user drills down to a details page and the related wordpress category posts are displayed alongside. My question is how do I pass the relevant caspio parameter to wordpress? If it can be done? Many thanks.
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