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  1. Thanks for asking such a great question, Jonathan! Turns out that the sample stuff has SEVEN DataPages all by itself. Deleted those so I'm down to just one, mine. So the good news is that I'm no longer being forced into the Business Plan. The bad news is that the Personal Plan (free) seems to have disappeared over night and was replaced by the StartUp Plan ($79/mo). I cannot afford $79/mo, either. Will I be allowed to stay with what I have for free??? If not, I need to find another solution - which makes me sad because I was really thinking this was the answer to my prayers!
  2. I am in the trial period of the personal plan. I will - for now - be using only one form and one table and want to stay on the free plan for that reason. I set up a (very) basic form and table, then imported my existing data. Current table size is only 288 KB, and yet I'm getting a notification that I need to upgrade my plan before my trial ends, and that the personal plan isn't available because my "account is over capacity" for this plan. I haven't even DONE anything yet; how can I have exceeded capacity?! I do not have the option of seeing my usage; it's not in the dropdown where it's supposed to be. I have no clue as to where the system thinks I've exceeded capacity. Is it the pre-loaded sample stuff that's causing the problem? Did I import too many records? It can't be the overall amount of data because it's hardly anything. I think this is going to be a good solution for me, but I really don't want to start from scratch and I don't have an extra $250 a month. This is seriously frustrating! All help gratefully accepted.
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