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  1. Hi Jan, Yes, thank you. That was the problem! Working now.
  2. Yes, I copy the Html to the page where the datapage is embedded, above the datapage. Then I copy the code either into an html block or into the header, according to the instructions on the configuration wizard, and every time I get the same result. I also set the localization as described in the instructions, even adjusted the format on the configure results page for the lat and long to be sure its the correct format, but still get this error, and a blank map with no pins. I checked the lat and long coordinates in google to make sure they are correct, and they map OK. I tried to insert the HTML into the header as you suggested, but still does not work. Here the link to the page http://www.evdnet.org/etc.html when I deploy the snippet into the header. Here a screenshot that show the configuration page instructions. The datapage loads and works properly before I insert the map html code...
  3. I'm trying to plot locations based on lat and long. I configured the parameters for the lat and long field as described in the Map Mashup Guide. The datapage runs fine before I try to insert the html for the map. Once I insert the html on the Configure Results, and Configure details, and insert the html on the webpage there are two errors: 1. No locations are shown on the map 2. Where there would normally be the the 'click to map field' there is some code. I've tried this several different ways and keep getting this result when I try to map using lat and long. When using addresses, everything deploys fine. Please see attached screenshot. Thanks, Will
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