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  1. Found problem. Forgot to check "Enable Parameters"!
  2. Trying to get markers to display on map. Map displays but no markers appear? Any suggestions??
  3. Jan, Found "Enable Ajax" and turned it off. It worked!! Another great solution. Thanks.
  4. Hello Jan, There is only code from the Caspio-Google map Mashup. I did not find the "Enable Ajax" but I'll keep looking.
  5. Hello Jan, The map uses addresses which are correct as far as I know. You have to go to page 2 or 3....as page 1 works for markers.
  6. My database has 100+ records but only the first 24 display markers on the Google Map. When I moved to page 2 or any other page other than the 1st page no markers for those records are displayed only a world view map rather than a local level map. Any suggestions to get all the markers to display on all the pages?
  7. Thank you! Works beautifully now. Yeah!!
  8. Here is the datapage URL (removed) It is deployed on a Wordpress site.
  9. Working on a great map based database. Map displays but not the markers!! Any suggestions most welcome.
  10. Jan, Thanks for the response. I tried the "Source" tab but same outcome. Code was posted to the webpage from the configuration wizard. The website is Wordpress. Just map code from the Wordpress webpage displays on the webpage but this time the code did not display on the report that was generated. The map code did display on the details page even though I pasted code for it not to display on that page. I have been successful in the past displaying maps with markers on this website but now?? Any suggestions?
  11. Created report with address, province fields and used Mashup 7 tool to generate code but no joy! No map on website and no markers. Also map code displays in report column where Map It should be? Any suggestions how to get it to work! Thanks.
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