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  1. I actually just had a discussion with our account rep regarding this. Despite it still listing data caps on the pricing page it is truly unmetered with the new pricing structure. I clarified that if by chance my application got popular, and I blew past their expexted usage amounts, what would happen then? They told me that I would not be forced to purchase a higher plan and no data transfer fees would happen, it is truly unmetered.
  2. Also be careful as they make parameters MUCH harder to pass and receive. You can wind up having page data accidentally cross over into other iframes if you work with multiple tabs.
  3. Has anyone tried taking the Caspio styling and deploying that on your actual web page and removing it entirely from the Caspio side? As in set the style to a completely blank one so it doesn't load with each datapage?
  4. Hi there, I have had a lot of success with this article http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/responsive-datapages-overview/ With using some creative workarounds and using the CSS targets they list in those you can do nearly anything you want using standard practices for using CSS to make things responsive. Another general tip is try to always do almost all widths (of datapages and individual elements) in % widths rather than pixels. Hope this helps!
  5. Hello all, Please see the second to last post of this page. I have been using a slightly modified version of this deployed on my page instead of within the datapage to great success.
  6. Alternatively you could try using Zapier https://zapier.com/zapbook/paypal/. Do note that they require a $50/Month subscription to use premium apps like Paypal. Definitely something to explore but Caspio has a great team for solutions too.
  7. Would it be possible with making the second "?" a "%" in this case since it is an iframe? Or is there another workaround? At this point having the forms stored in another place isn't really an option for us.
  8. Hey MayMusic, If I understand you correctly this will only use the google docs viewer to display the document, the file itself will be stored on caspio. Is there any risk to the file having any information captured by google? I am also dealing with potentially sensitive information but a key element to moving our company paperless will be this type of viewing platform. Thank you!
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