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  1. I actually just had a discussion with our account rep regarding this. Despite it still listing data caps on the pricing page it is truly unmetered with the new pricing structure. I clarified that if by chance my application got popular, and I blew past their expexted usage amounts, what would happen then? They told me that I would not be forced to purchase a higher plan and no data transfer fees would happen, it is truly unmetered.
  2. Also be careful as they make parameters MUCH harder to pass and receive. You can wind up having page data accidentally cross over into other iframes if you work with multiple tabs.
  3. Has anyone tried taking the Caspio styling and deploying that on your actual web page and removing it entirely from the Caspio side? As in set the style to a completely blank one so it doesn't load with each datapage?
  4. What is the top level of this heirarchy? In your posting you made it sound like it was Location, but in the table you have the worker related to many locations?
  5. Ah, I thought you meant you had a way to schedule an email of an actual report rather than being emailed an excel (or other document type) file. Thank you.
  6. Are you wanting to aggregate this data? Like show how much total or how many times "Bob" appeared in the table? Also thanks for mentioning d3.js, that thing is amazing!
  7. I am definitely not a JS expert, but would adding ".value" to the end of those scripts print the value to the section?
  8. Potentially you could use calculated fields with SQL to run the queries and then pull the data down with javascript? What are your data types and what are you trying to pull in the end?
  9. Hi there, I have had a lot of success with this article http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/responsive-datapages-overview/ With using some creative workarounds and using the CSS targets they list in those you can do nearly anything you want using standard practices for using CSS to make things responsive. Another general tip is try to always do almost all widths (of datapages and individual elements) in % widths rather than pixels. Hope this helps!
  10. I am curious, what does this change? I will give it a shot though, thanks!
  11. That code should work great from what I can see, but the thing is that I have 21 of such fields and there are a maximum of 5 aggregations on a given report. So I am more looking at a way to get around that. Thank you for the nicely formatted code though!
  12. Good morning all, I am running in to a bit of difficulty with the reporting and charting features of Caspio right now. I currently have a table that has 21 Yes/No fields that are based on a review process. We would like to have a summary that shows either a count or % of No's in a given month (going off the date created field. Now while an aggregation SHOULD work, it will only allow count, and not even of only No values and it will only allow 5 at a given time and we have 21 fields. Charting has run into the same issue. I can make a calculated field that pulls a count of only no values per field, but I haven't found a good way to make this calculation apply to only dates in a given date roll up month (I do really like the date roll up grouping) without having to manually apply date restrictions and even then it would only work if I wanted to pull one month at a time. I am hoping others have run into similar issues with Caspio's aggregation and charting and have found workarounds. If anyone is creative it is this community! Any an all help would be much appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hello all, Please see the second to last post of this page. I have been using a slightly modified version of this deployed on my page instead of within the datapage to great success.
  14. Hi Cameron, Does the user have to enter any kind of code that would be unique to each book? If so you can mark it as a unique field and people will be unable to save entries with duplicates.
  15. Nice! I think I will post my first one on Tuesday to get things rolling since there is such a positive response. Unless the mods want to open up a separate sub forum? Either way, have a great 3 day weened and Xiang I hope you join me on submitting some success stories on Tuesday!
  16. No problem Jan, It absolutely would return that error but I plan on restricting it to one row at a time. I just want to be able to select exactly WHICH row it pulls information from based on my sorting.
  17. Good morning all, I am currently trying to build a tabular report that will display a certain field from multiple entries next to one another. Now I know how to select the top record and sorting by a certain field to be able to get one. But I am trying to select from a specific entry so that the table would display each appointment time, in order, in one row. Here is what I have: Select EstimatedAppDateTime OVER (Order By EstimatedAppDateTime desc ROWS between 1 and 1 ) Where Job_RID= target.[@field:MM_Job_Record_ID] AND Location_Not_Used_DateTime is null This returns the error that the syntax of the OVER function is incorrect. Any ideas? Alternatively, if you have another way to easily display the records in one row I would be very appreciative. Thanks in advance!
  18. Hi all, I just wanted to see if people would have any interest in posting or having other's post about ways they have used Caspio that is not in any of the TechTips or basic info on howto.caspio.com . These forums have helped me out a lot while building my application and I think it would be a great way for any of us to give back a little by building a knowledge base to help new users before they ask questions. I've attached a poll to this and maybe if it gets enough interest the mods can have a specific sub-forum for these topics? Hope everyone is having a great work week!
  19. Alternatively you could try using Zapier https://zapier.com/zapbook/paypal/. Do note that they require a $50/Month subscription to use premium apps like Paypal. Definitely something to explore but Caspio has a great team for solutions too.
  20. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19593004/reloading-iframe-from-separate-iframe This should be a good place to start but please remember that this absolutely requires the iframe be on your page hosting domain and not the Caspio deploying URL.
  21. Well, I know the code exists (I looked it up at one point) to refresh just the iframe, but it requires that the iFrame be deployed from your domain and not just the Caspio URL. But, here is the code to refresh the page the iframe is hosted on in 3 seconds, I have this deployed as a success message: <body style="background-color: #E1E1E1" onload="timedText()"> <script> function timedText() { var x = document.getElementById("count"); setTimeout(function(){ x.value="2" }, 0000); setTimeout(function(){ x.value="1" }, 1000); } </script> <div align="center" class="row-fluid iframeplaceholder"> <h1 style="border: 1px solid #000000; width: 70%; padding-top: 1%; padding-right: 1%; padding-bottom: 1%; padding-left: 1%;">Your submission was successful, your page will refresh in... <input id="count" style="width: 15px; background-color:transparent; font-size:21px; font-family:Segoe, 'Segoe UI', 'DejaVu Sans', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, sans-serif; border: none; vertical-align:text-middle; height:inherit;" type="text" /> .</h1> </div> <script type=text/javascript> setInterval(function ReloadParent () { window.parent.location.reload(); },2000); </script> This code will also display a little countdown clock to give them a chance to see the success message and make the refresh less abrupt. Hope this helps! Edit: Oh! I forgot to mention that the styling on that text element can be changed to match your page's feel, it doesn't have anything to do with the codes function. Edit 2: Forgot to mention you should disable the HTML editor in your message display or it will strip the body tag at the top which triggers it to run the function.
  22. Hi Chad, I would need to see the style you use to know if this would affect it at all (which by the way, that style for radio options is amazing!) But could it be affected by the option where it asks if you want multiple options per line?
  23. I have several (I think over 7 or 8) Many to Many relationships functioning happily within Caspio. The key is to build a third table that only houses the many to many relationship. Granted, this could slow your entry process for Action Logs as it would require three separate entries (though you could automate it pretty quickly to keep the same "feel" of a single form with a few auto-submit forms afterwards) but it would allow you to indicate what users are related to that table and your many-to-many table would need a field to indicate the relationship type. Then you can craft a view that will have (in your case) three rows for each Action Log, each indicating a specific user. Through the use of calculated fields you could easily make a datapage report that would show you all three on a single report. Hope this helps!
  24. Hmm, I've gotten the same error. I deleted all of the parameters (everything after the final "/" in the URL and it goes just fine. Strange that the link would add all of that in though!
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