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  1. Hi Jan Thanks, for your reply, my client needs a little more than aggregation but I think using aggregation and other math functions can be possible build the rest of the statistical functions (I'm not expert in this area, but books are a great help), I take a look on this and share my experience with all developers Thanks Paloma
  2. Hi I don't found any information about the statistical functions available in Caspio. Where I can get info about this? Thanks in advance Paloma
  3. Hi I have my main business in the European Union, and in some clients require that data be stored inside the domains of the union, for example in cloud storage I need to get Amazon Cloud in Amsterdam or Germany. Is a "formal" question to fill the auditor sheets but needed in some contracts with many clients. Is a solution for this? I don't found any other case with other international client but suppose that this can be possible? You have it solved? Thanks in advance Paloma Trujillo ShubunkinSoft
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