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  1. Hi, I have an airport table with more than 16,000 records and I need to pull the airport code to a dropdown list control. This are a lot of records for a dropdown. In my form I have to fields, Origin and Destination. Those fields are for the ICAO airport codes, but for some reason the the dropdown just pulled down 10,000 records, is this a limitation? There is another way to point this. Thankyou Jaime Monterrey, Mexico
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie at Caspio and I'm have a frustrating expirience trying to figure out why my HTML script snippet in a HTML data page is not working, instead after a succesful login just renderd de code without making the redirection to the corresponding web page. I replicate exactly the example (tables, views, authentication, etc.) from the tutorial "Create User-Specific Redirect After Login" just to verify if I was doing something wrong within my application and the surprise was the same result. Login screen seem to be ok: and then: Please if someone can advise me what is going on I will really appriciated. My website is hosted in Squarespace using Chrome as browser. Thankyou in advanced Jaime Cuellar Monterrey, Mexico
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