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  1. Hello, I tried to apply the examples from other post but not sure if applies, so I will try if somebody can help me to address the problem. have a table of where one of the field is a "number". I can insert a new line on the top of the table, but I want that the value of the "number" field of the new line is automatically filled with the MAX+1 value of all the others number in the result table. I already have the aggregate with MAX+1 and I would like to pass this value in the hidden "number" field. Thanks for the help Bye, Sergio
  2. Hi EIQ, thanks for your answer. Indeed I forgot to consider that index must change. But is not clear to me what is the use of the HTML Block. What I want to modify, in case the checkbox is checked, is the field "Status". And unfortunately still cannot manage, maybe as you said caspio doesn't let me modify fields that are in the table results....
  3. Hello, In a result list of Action Items (todo) I want the user to just check a box and the items on the line of the checkbox changes its status to "In Approval". I used this code in an HTML block (repeated every line), but doesn't seem to work. <input id="doneCheck" type="checkbox" onclick="done();"> <script> function done() { if (document.getElementById('doneCheck').checked) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordStatus").value="In Approval"; } } </script> Any advise? Thanks Sergio
  4. Thanks aam82! I need to learn how to embed javascripts in caspio... guess time has come. 2) the attachment for the invitation can be automatically generated? because should depend on the information put in the form (i.e. agenda, title, date of the meeting) Thanks again
  5. Hi, I am attempting to do the same but : 1) how can I group all the email addresses of selected users in one single virtual field? 2) can I put some code in the body of the email in order to create an event invitation for zimbra/gmail/exchange users? Thanks Sergio
  6. Hi Jan, I want to add records. In the moment I generate a new record, based on the project, it should generate an automatic reference. Therefore I imagine I can open the created record and edit the other fields. Unfortunately the automatic field is very limitated and would be a good opportunity to use in a more complex way to generate any kind of referencing of the record. Is there any way to implement with the current Caspio release? Thanks Sergio
  7. Hi all, I am trying to achieve the current feature. I have a table of Inspection Reports, each one belong to a certain project ( dropdown selectable table or Projects). I have the requirement to create a unique reference number for each of this report that is like: IR-PRJ-xxx where the prefix IR is always the same, and PRJ is the code name of the project ( that is present in the relative field of the selected project: this is easy to get with a cascading dropdown and a virtual number), while xxx is a running number that is unique only within the same project. So somehow need to be implemented an algorithm that check what is the latest number with that specific project and increase by one, and finally creates the concatenate content in the field "reference". I have no idea on how to implement. Should I use SQL? If so how? Thanks a lot! Sergio
  8. Solved. <script> document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_Approval').onclick= function () {document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"} document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_expert_Approval').onclick= function () {document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_expert_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"} document.getElementById('EditRecordSubsystem_Approval').onclick= function () {document.getElementById('EditRecordSubsystem_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"} document.getElementById('EditRecordPM_Approval').onclick= function () {document.getElementById('EditRecordPM_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"} </script>
  9. I have 4 person that must approve the record and I have manged to create a datapage where a specific user can see and check only the document and only the check where his name is there. What I cannot manage to make it work is the timestamp as explained in this forum page: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/3567-how-do-you-timestamp-when-the-checkbox-is-checked/ <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function setTime(){ var v_chk=document.getElementById('InsertRecordFileName').checked; if(v_chk==true) { document.getElementById("InsertRecordFileName").value="[@cbTimestamp]"; } } document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit=setTime; </SCRIPT> First, I am not sure of the ' ' instead of the" ". Then I am not sure of the onsubmit, or onchange that I should use. ( The form is originally submitted in another page) I used to have a Yes/No type for my field QA_Approval, now I changed to Text fiedl as described in the topic above. Simply nothing happens when I follow the explanation above. I noticed that it would be great if I could simply put [@cbTimestamp] in the "value when checked" field of the Configure Page Field page. Any suggestion? Thanks Sergio
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