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  1. Hey,


    I tried searching the forum but can't seem to find the topic I am looking for. I am running into a bit of a confusing spot, hopefully you all can help.


    I have 3 levels of registered users (ranked from "highest" to lowest)





    I am trying to build a messaging system (I watched the classifieds tutorial that touches on this...still a little confused) that allows -General users to message -Business users, and have it show up on a report datapage (on the backend of the -business users profile page). It is working now so that when you click "contact" it automatically loads the business' User ID into the submission data, however I can't seem to figure out how to make it work so that it automatically loads the actual sender's ID (the -General user) and implements that into the submission form as well. Is this possible?


    If more details are needed please ask, I can tell you how I have the tables set up!!


    Thanks for any help!!

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