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  1. Hi! No luck so far, other than to export data to an ftp from Caspio using scheduled tasks, and then pull it into Power BI. Kind of workaround
  2. Hi! Thanks a lot. I have tried Autocomplete earlier, but haven't seen that I can change the setting from "Begins with" to "Contains". Very helpful, and just what I needed.
  3. When using dropdown in a form, I would like to be able to search in a dropdown with the criteria "Contains". Now, if I type "C", the cursom jumps to the first Item in the list that starts with the letter "C". Is it possible to narrow down a search in a dropdown when typing and where only items that contains the text I typed are displayed?
  4. Hi! I did a google search and found that this code was working fine: <a href=" " title="[@field:Comment]">Tekst</a> I have a field with Comment (Field name = "Comment", and the link is named "Tekst". When I hover over "Tekst", a pop-up window shows the content of the field "Comment" No need for any Javascript here :-)
  5. Hi! I tried this code to display a text, but it did not work. I have managed so a popup window appears, but it displays a whole lot of strange code. Should it work with text as well?
  6. Hi! I have created a resource planning system, and want to present allocation in a stacked bar chart with dyamic headers (day, week or month). Has anyone done that or know of some plugins to use? I found something at www.highcharts.com that looks really nice, but the easiest would be to use something with proven record inside Caspio. Any ideas or experience?
  7. Hi! Has anyone out there implemented or tested Power BI by Microsoft for presenting data from Caspio database? I would appreciate any experience.
  8. Hi! I have now solved this issue. I used "caspioform" in the codeline that executes the function. That didn't work. when I cahenged it to "InsertRecordDate", it did. It seems like when I have several forms deployed on one web page, the syntax "caspioform" doesn't work.
  9. Hi! I have a Submission Form with a function that calculate period (YYYYMM) from a date selected in a Calendar Popup control. The code works fine in preview and when deployed with URL, but nothing happens when the form is embedded. Is there a difference in the code for these two methods of deployment? I use the onchange method to execute the function. Jan
  10. Hi! I've also tried to find my subdomain to get started with zapier, but can't find it. I have now tried to find it in the deploymend code as described above, but with no luck :-( Can anyone specify where to find it? regards Jan
  11. Hi! I get values for all variables, and none shows NA or NAN. However, it seems like I need to replace the dot (.) with a comma (,) to make it work. Perhaps this is due to the localization which is formatted that way. In the table, all numbers are formattet with dots, but in my forms I need comma. Could there be a way to format number this way through Java? Maybe I have to convert it to a string first, then replace the dot, and then back to numberformat? Regards Jan H
  12. Hi! Thanks for your reply. The data type in the table is number, which means it couldt be a number with decimals. The field in my submission form is a text field, and here ared cilcel with an "X" inside icon appear when I try to submit, followed by the massage "Must be a number". I use comma as separator in my form but in the table, it is stored with dot as separator. (input is Scandinavian style as I am located in Norway). As I use text field for input, I havent been able to format the number. I used "Display only", as I then was able to format the number with comma saparator. That didn't work either, as nothing showd up in that field. Regards Jan
  13. Hi! I have created a calculation in a submission form that calculate hours from a start hour and start minute to a stop hour and stop minute. I also subtract for a lunch break in minutes. I also store these values in my table, formatted as integer The calculation goes as it should, and the value is stored in a field ("Hours"). However, I got problems when submitting and when the number of hours is not a whole number. Then I get the message "Must be a number". The table fiels is formatted as number, and should accept decimals. I also tried differend ways of formatting the result as number with two decimals, but I still get the same massage. Here is the code: <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function calcHours() { var startH = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStartHr").value; var startM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStartMin").value; var lunchM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLunch").value; var stopH = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStopHr").value; var stopM = document.getElementById("InsertRecordStopMin").value; var hrs = (stopH-startH)- (lunchM/60) + (stopM-startM)/60; document.getElementById("InsertRecordHours").value= hrs; } document.getElementById("caspioform").onchange=calcHours; </SCRIPT> I am not sure where the problem occurs. Is there anybody that can see what could be the problem here? I have also concidered to display the calculated value in a virtual field (if that is possible), so the value is not stored in my table. Then I could do the calculation again in a view when reporting hours. At least I will avoid to break the normalization rules that way :-/ Regards Jan
  14. Thanks again. Where in the world are you located? Regards Jan H
  15. Hi! This last code worked perfectly! Thank Youuuu! Now I learnt also how to display values as I go with the "alert". You see, I am used to VBA with the development tools available, but I have not yet come to this point in Javascript. This was really helpful. Regards Jan H Arntzen
  16. Hi! I tried to paste the uRL in here, but for some reason it is not possible.. Any tricks?
  17. Hi! The code still returns NaN for some reason. That is when I format the field as number in the table. And the 10 degrees at this time of year is about normal :-)
  18. Hi! Thanks! Your code worked as for trying to write to the field period, but I am getting a message "NaN" which means its not a number? In my table I had datatype = Integer, and when I changed it to text, the DataPage stored the value "NaN" as text. I tried also to use datatype integer, and the code parseInt in before the v_month and v_year, but I still couldn't get it to work. I have the feeling that this is very close :-) By the way, the weather here inn Norway is clear sky, but not more the 10 degrees centigrade :-/ Jan H
  19. Hi! I have managed to manipulate a date from the format 2015/10/28 into 201510, and also to submit the value to my table. What I have not achieved is to get the date from my Calendar Popup (date) and to assign the value to my variable v_date Any experience or ideas anyone? Jan H
  20. Hi! I have a submission Form in which I want to calulate the period YYMM from the date selected in a calendar Popup. I have tried different variations of scripts I have found here, but haven'n got it right so far. Maybe I am mixing up the formats date, string og number? I usually define period as a number, and when I fetch year and month the period is calculated by year *100 + month. If year and month are string values, it should be sometheing like left(year,2) &mnd (Visual Basic). Does anyone have a solution to this? I tried this, hoping that my v_year and v_month are number values >SCRIPT> function calculate() { v-date = document.getElementByID("InsertRecordDate").Value; v_year = v.date.getFullYear(); v_month = v_date.getMonth(); v_period = v_year * 100 + v_month document.getElementById("InsertRecordPeriod").Value = Math.round(v_period); document.getElementBy ID("caspioform")=.onsubmit.calculate; </SCRIPT> Am I close? :-) Jan H
  21. Hi!I have several calendar popups in my app, and I usually want to set the default date by receiving a parameter. In this case a timestamp. I want to format the date as short date, but can't find out how to do it. I cant find other parameters than timestamp. Is there a way to receive system date, or to format the timestamp as short date? As I am located in Norway, the format should be DD.MM.YYYY. Jan H
  22. Hi! I tried, but I couldn't make it work. No spin button appeared... I have a number field and I added the code as dercribed. Should there be some more code to specify i.e the step? Jan H
  23. Hi! Thanks! A dropdown is what I also have come up with so far. I want to have input on both start hour, start minute, stop hour, stop minute and also minutes of lunch break. Now I use dropdowns, but I am not quite satisfied with it... Regards Jan H
  24. Hi! I am trying to create an input form with a spin button for increasing or decreasing an input value (integer). Does anyone know how to achieve this? I am planning to use it in a form where the user shall register work hours.
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