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  1. I used the embed code deployment option instead of iframe. Unfortunately I already got a Wix plan. Can a multi-datapage deployment be done in Caspio directly (no CMS)?
  2. I've deployed 2 datapages inside one webpage (I am using WIX as my hosted CMS) - one search form and one results form. I've configured Caspio bridge to redirect the search form to a new page after form submission but this new page is the same page. Purpose is to have the search form and results displayed simultaneously. Problem: The search form redirects to the results page WITHIN the embedded frame instead of opening a new page tab. Would appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. Hi Jan, the problem with Data Grouping is that it appears in the results page and with individual records shown. I would just like to display summaries - Count number for each location. A preview summary page in place of a search form would be useful before the search results are shown.
  4. Hi Jan, No problem at all. Yes, every report page uses one location. And all report datapages use the same Views page.
  5. Hi Jan, No, I don't use Look Up tables for locations as it could be a city, a town, an island, or a street. The location field is entered by keyboard input and location-reports are created when we find something interesting (after the fact).
  6. Hi Iren. Thanks for asking. I just want to display the number of records for each report-datapage (Their source is a Views datapage) in one report-datapage. My report datapages filter for parameters (the same field for each report - location). I have not yet created the new datapage which will pull the numbers until I've figured out how to go about it. This new datapage will be the one to contain image thumbnails which will display the number of records per report per location, respectively. Berean
  7. Hi MayMusic, How do you embed a datapage into another datapage? I am trying to create one datapage that pulls and displays record count info from multiple datapages.
  8. How do I pull record count info from multiple report datapages into one report datapage? I have 2 objectives with this question: I have dozens of report datapages and I would like to count and display the number of records in each datapage into one master datapage. I would like to embed the count for each datapage on separate images-graphic in this master datapage My overall purpose with this datapage is to show changes in the reports (representing a geography) in a table of contents/index with nice graphics representing each geography. I'm new to this so i hope I was able to articulate the problem. Thanks for any help.
  9. Hi Jan, thanks for the advice. Though I am no longer able to enforce a unique field in my table, it serves my purposes for now.
  10. May I ask for some advice on how to import or create bulk records using unique fields? Using a datapage form is too slow if I want to add thousands of records. But My forms have unique fields (GUID) that is system-generated (It's necessary for linking separate datapage results reports with detail reports). They also use system-generated date-timestamp fields. How can I import bulk records from a csv or spreadsheet without using datapages while at the same time meeting the unique field requirements. When I tried importing a csv file I got the screenshot below.
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