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  1. Future Value (FV) Calculation

    Thanks so much Mathilda.
  2. Is it possible to do a FV (future value) calculation inside of either a Calculated or the new Formula Field? This function returns the future value of an investment based on a series of regular periodic cash flows (payments of a constant amount and all cash flows at constant intervals) and at a fixed interest rate. The formula is: FV(periodic-rate, num-periods, payment, present-value, when-due). Thanks. Neil
  3. I've created an HTML block to be used on a Data Page describing particular entries below that block. How do I specify the Google Font Raleway in the HTML code? Thanks. Neil
  4. I'm developing a website for financial advisors. I've created a Submission Form and deployed it to my test website. The test website deployed page is here: The preview page for the same Submission Form appears normal, but my website page looks different. I've attached a screen shot of the Preview Page from within Caspio. Any ideas as to what is causing the difference. I'm using Rapidweaver to build the website. Thanks. Neil
  5. Membership Site & Caspio Login

    Thanks Mathilda. One follow-up question: Let's say I already have a generic web page with some information already on it - but I want to protect it with authentication. Could I create a data page in Caspio and then deploy it on part of that generic page? Would that generic page then be protected with authentication? Neil
  6. Thanks NealPatil. That's exactly what I will have. My Users will be the Financial Advisors. They will in turn have multiple clients with multiple investments. So I guess what I'm struggling with as a Newbie is if what I'm contemplating will be a one to many relationship (FA to many clients of the FA). Neil
  7. I'm designing a membership website. If I want to have website pages that do not have any Caspio data pages deployed - but have other information and offerings that are for member's only - is it possible with Caspio to restrict access to those pages using Caspio's login credentials? Thanks. Neil
  8. Thanks for your detailed insight. I watched the "How to Set Up User Permissions" tutorial and it was very helpful. I think your Travel Company model might have one more level than I will have in my Financial Advisor model - and so I'm still struggling with whether I have a one-to-many relationship or a many-to-many relationship. It sounds like instead of having the Many Travel Companies > Many Travel Agents > Many Customers you have - I have Many Financial Advisors > Many Clients. I'm not sure I have that 3rd level - although I suppose I could structure the model that way if, for example, a particular financial planning practice or firm had more than one financial advisor. Neil
  9. I'm going to be creating a Membership website. The Members will be Financial Advisors. Each Financial Advisor who is a Member will have multiple Clients. Each Financial Advisor who is a Member will be able to enter investment information for each of their clients. I'm trying to outline ahead of time the different Tables I will need and whether this will be a one-to-many relationship app or a many-to-many relationship app. The Caspio Membership App seems to be just a one-to-many template. Anyone have experience with this or have suggestions as to how to diagram out first on paper? Thanks. Neil
  10. Infusionsoft

    Thanks Tammy, Basically I'll be implementing both platforms and want to use Caspio for my membership database, etc. that passes that info into Infusionsoft so I can email market, etc. with Infusionsoft. Neil
  11. Infusionsoft

    I'm wondering if anyone has any experience bridging Caspio with Infusionsoft. Thanks. Neil
  12. New Info Pop-Up For Returning Users

  13. New Info Pop-Up For Returning Users

    I'm creating a membership website for financial advisors. I'd like to include a pop up window or something similar that will display a "Since You've Been Gone" message with new content when a returning member logs in after that new content was developed. So, for example, if Member A logs in after a one week absence, and if we have some new content added 3 days ago, then when Member A logs in I'd like a pop up window to alert that returning Member A of the new information. If Member B logs in this morning, then I don't want Member B to see the pop up. I'm wondering if this is possible with Caspio. Thanks. Neil