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  1. We have a Recipe Guide app in Caspio. I wanted to export all our recipes. It wasn't easy to find, but there is a "Download all records" button if you click on search, and then submit a search form. However, the CSV that is downloaded has question marks where there should be special characters, such as the 1/2 glyph or curly quote marks. Is there a way to get a UTF8 CSV of my data, with all special characters intact? Having the data riddled with question marks is useless. Examples: Recipe name (should be Marron glacés): Candied Chestnuts (Marrons Glac?s) Yield (should be 1½ to 2 quarts) 1? to 2 quarts stock Description (should be aren’t) Unfortunately, they aren?t easy to find.
  2. I'm new to Caspio. I've created two data tables. One is a parent table that will hold venue information, and the other is a child table that will hold a list of camps being held at various venues. A venue_id ties them together. The camps form has just a couple fields: Camp name, ages, dates, cost. What I want is for a venue to be able to enter its details, and then add as many summer camps as it plans to host. The way I have accomplished this so far is to make a datatable for the venue, then pass the venue_id parameter to a datatable for the camps form. The camps form is set to reload itself with that venue_id upon form submission. This works, but the experience is less than ideal. Is there some way that I could set up the camps form in a tabular style, so that each row is a camp. and each column is a field? The form would have an "add more" button to allow the user to add more rows as necessary. Then the "submit" button would submit all the rows, each as a separate record? Here is a mock up of what I want to achieve: How can I do this?
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