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  1. Our submission form is being used to add new records to our database. On the submission form there are several required fields. When previewing the form in Caspio, we receive a 'You did not enter valid information in one or more of the fields.' if we didn't. We have embedded the form in our website, and if we leave any required fields blank, the submission form goes to a homepage rather than alert to missing information. Currently in Caspio Preview - Enter good info on submission form, page accepts (I assume, nothing loads, page just clears out) Enter incomplete info on submission form, receive warning as above; when corrected, page accepts (I assume, but nothing loads and page clears out) Once upon a time the good information would trigger a new page in Caspio 'good job' Currently on website- enter good info into submission form, go to page that says 'congrats' enter incomplete information, go to website homepage with no alerts/indicators of error or submission success Once upon a time the website would display the congrats and the error message - however there has been a big website changeover since those days. We want an incomplete entry to the submission form on the website to display an 'error incomplete' message, then go to the 'congrats' page when submission is complete/correct. This isn't happening. . Any suggestions for a fix? We do not have virtual fields, we do not have dropdowns - only radio buttons, text fields, and a couple 'choose from listed'. Thanks in advance! April
  2. We are have created a two web page setup that allows us to do a keyword search across the database. The field in question is 'keywords', and is a virtual field. The challenge is, we would like to capture the search terms being entered in the 'keywords' field and save them to another table. Is this even possible? We are getting stymied by the virtual field aspect - how to maintain it as a virtual field, but also capture the data entered there. Suggestions? Thank you!
  3. It worked great! We had to make one small change, since our first virtual field was designed to search across the database...but your instructions helped a ton. We've been able to get the search page set up the way we want and it seems good to go. Thanks again for your response!
  4. Thanks for responding. Fields are: Search Phrase ___________ Author ___________ Title __________ Our goal is: User enters 'clutter' in Search Phrase and returns 22 records, all of which contain 'clutter' somewhere in the record. User enters 'clutter' in Search Phrase AND 'Franks' in Author and returns 5 records authored by 'Franks' AND containing the phrase 'clutter' Our reality is: Currently when the user enters 'clutter' in Search Phrase AND 'Franks' in Author the database returns 27 records - all records containing 'clutter' and all records authored by 'Franks' I can't figure out the logic to get to the goal. I have recently introduced Criteria when configuring my filter fields, but no luck yet.
  5. Our database is designed to retrieve journal/magazine/etc. articles related to the user search term. We have used the guides for 'How to do a keyword search across multiple fields' and 'Separate Search Page and Results page' to create our search and results forms. Our search form currently allows users to search across the database using one entry/search field 'Search Phrase'. We want to add additional boxes to our search form to refine the search - search for specific author, title, etc. We can add these additional search fields but when we do, the results page returns ALL database records rather than the 2, 3, etc. that it should. We are thinking this is something with either logic or the way the parameters are passed over. Ideally we want the search form to 'Search across database' and/or 'Search for specific author/title/etc.'. Right now we seem to be able to get one or the other, but not both. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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