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  1. Once again I seek the wise wisdom of the Caspio community wizards... I have a table Currently in order to make the results table fully responsive I have only one letter in the header cells, since I cannot find a way to make their titles overflow:hidden(I tried the overflow:hidden in-line, in Wordpress and in the Caspio styles source code btw). I would love to have icons (specifically font awesome) in my table header instead of words or better yet use something resembling @media "media query" so that my desktop version has an icon and the titles, tablets just titles and phones just the icon. So is there a way to change a label in a (datapage report configure results page field) to an icon? Can I use media queries to change the header cells at breakpoints? or simply make the title disappear when the cell gets smaller using overflow:hidden like normal css. Or should i just try to use JavaScript to grab the titles and replace them with icons? Your thoughts and ideas are extremely appreciated! Oh! and bonus points if you can tell me how to change my in-line edit pencil column to a narrower width.
  2. Hello all, Hopefully there is a simple answer to my question, I have read every post regarding login redirection and didn't find one with my same issue. However I am not sure what Jan means by the Source button in this post: http://forums.caspio.com/index.php/topic/4746-i-cant-redirect-users-after-login/?p=14935 I have successfully used the login redirect to take the user to a homepage. Now the powers that be want the redirect to go to another page. No problem right? I simply adjusted the script in my html datapage to the following: <script> window.location = "http://vendor2day.com/logged/turnboard/"; </script> from <script> window.location = "http://vendor2day.com/logged/user-home/"; </script> However, it still redirects to user-home!? So I deleted the login html datapage and made another from scratch. AND IT STILL TAKES ME TO user-home!!!! I have tried to delete all the cache from Caspio and Wordpress and still nothing. Problem happens on other browsers and computers too. Am I missing something? Could Caspio be caching my old login redirect? Thanks to this great community for helping me keep my sanity, I took over this project from a developer who couldn't finish the job so there may be code somewhere preventing me from changing the redirect but since it worked once for me it should again, right? Much love, Brian
  3. Fantastic Jan! I did not get around to posting my solution in time but I think yours is better for any future questions related to this issue anyway! I have only been using Caspio for 3 days and I can see that you are the most prolific poster in this forum. Thank you for all the work you do here and your time spent in answering my question! I'll try to make it more difficult for you in the future...
  4. Thank you very much DataCobalt! I essentially modified what was suggested in the link you sent me to fit my needs. Thank you so much for your quick and accurate response! The ONLY reason I did not mark your question as the answer that solved my question was because the incomparable Jan attached code to her response which would help future users quicker. Thanks so much for your response!
  5. Hello Everyone! I have found some great answers on this forum for most of my issues but cannot find anything regarding this specific question I have. sincerely appreciate any offers of help. Currently I have a DataPage which outputs 5 text fields with a calender popup next to each (see attached img). I would like to select a date via the popup in the first field and have the subsequent fields all populate with the next day. So if you select 2/19/2015 then the output in the next data field is 2/19/2015 and so on. I believe that I can do this via some custom JS if I need to, but I wasn't sure if Caspio Bridge can help me do so automatically through a selection in the "Web Form Wizard- Configure Fields". I appreciate you checking out my post and any help you can offer! Cheers, Dilts
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