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    Dilts got a reaction from MessmoreNQ in Riddle Me This Batman... Icons In Table Headers?   
    Once again I seek the wise wisdom of the Caspio community wizards... 
    I have a table

    Currently in order to make the results table fully responsive I have only one letter in the header cells, since I cannot find a way to make their titles overflow:hidden(I tried the overflow:hidden in-line, in Wordpress and in the Caspio styles source code btw). 
    I would love to have icons (specifically font awesome) in my table header instead of words or better yet use something resembling @media "media query" so that my desktop version has an icon and the titles, tablets just titles and phones just the icon.
    So is there a way to change a label in a (datapage report configure results page field) to an icon? Can I use media queries to change the header cells at breakpoints? or simply make the title disappear when the cell gets smaller using overflow:hidden like normal css. Or should i just try to use JavaScript to grab the titles and replace them with icons? 
    Your thoughts and ideas are extremely appreciated! 
    Oh! and bonus points if you can tell me how to change my in-line edit pencil column to a narrower width. 
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    Dilts got a reaction from DataCobalt in How Do I Select A Date In One Field And Have All Subsequent Date Fields Fill In Automagically   
    Thank you very much DataCobalt! I essentially modified what was suggested in the link you sent me to fit my needs. Thank you so much for your quick and accurate response! The ONLY reason I did not mark your question as the answer that solved my question was because the incomparable Jan attached code to her response which would help future users quicker. Thanks so much for your response! 
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    Dilts reacted to Jan in How Do I Select A Date In One Field And Have All Subsequent Date Fields Fill In Automagically   
    Hello Dilts,
    You can find the code for 10 fields that are auto-filled with next business day. You can easily change it to 5 fields.
    If you need every next day (I mean, Saturdays and Sundays too) you can use the following code:
    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> function nextDate(baseDate) {      var base_day = baseDate.getDate();      base_day = base_day + 1;      var next_Date = new Date (baseDate.setDate(base_day));      var week_day = next_Date.getDay(); return next_Date; } function setFormat(next_Date) {      var d_month = next_Date.getMonth() + 1;      if (d_month<10) {d_month = "0" + d_month;}      var d_day = next_Date.getDate();      if (d_day<10) {d_day = "0" + d_day;}      var d_year = next_Date.getFullYear();      var str_date = d_month + "/" +  d_day + "/" + d_year; return str_date; } function setDates() {      var f_Date = document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield1").value;      var first_Date = new Date(Date.parse(f_Date));      var second_date = new Date (nextDate(first_Date));      document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield2").value=setFormat(second_date);      var third_date = new Date (nextDate(second_date));      document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield3").value=setFormat(third_date);      var forth_date = new Date (nextDate(third_date));      document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield4").value=setFormat(forth_date);      var fifth_date = new Date (nextDate(forth_date));      document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield5").value=setFormat(fifth_date); }  document.getElementById("InsertRecordfield1").onchange=setDates;   </SCRIPT> Please, enter names of your fields instead of field1, field2, field3, field4, field5.   I hope, it helps.
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    Dilts reacted to DataCobalt in How Do I Select A Date In One Field And Have All Subsequent Date Fields Fill In Automagically   
    Good morning,
    I had a similar questions answered recently by Jan here.
    All you will need to do is scrap the part about changing the days around and edit the field names and it should work pretty well.
    If you have any questions I can try and take a stab at them but I am pretty new to the Javascript business myself.
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