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  1. Hi Jan, thanks for your answer. Now i understand why i couldn't find a way to do it :-) I just voted to the idea. hopefully they will add it soon. thanks Olivier
  2. Hi Caspio Forum! let me make my problem more simple (my reality involves much more fields) I have a table with 2 fields: first name and last name. I do a tabular report. I want to do data grouping on 1 line which says first name + last name. right now i have to do the grouping on each fields independently, which give me 2 lines for grouping. I want only one (as mentioned, in my case i need to do that with 8 fields) any idea how to do that? I create a HTML virtual field show first name + last name. but can't group this one. Thanks a lot! Olivier
  3. Hi, Am I the only one who can't make the column width work on grid edit ? I have a datapage, a list. I am putting the % in the advanced parameters of each field (i also tried on pixels) And it doesn't work. I always have for all the field the same minimum width. Any idea? thanks Olivier
  4. Hi Jan! Thank you for the welcome. yes I am knew at Caspio :-) I thought I was missing a stupid botton that I should click but couldn't find. I see there is no such botton. thanks a lot for your great answer, it works perfectly! I will suggest it in the ideabox as per your suggestion. now I have to figure out how to change the size of columns as I am having trouble with it thanks again, Olivier
  5. Hi, I have a datapage, a tabular report. And I want to have the "grid edit" view as default when I open it. It is deployed in a HTML page. Right now, when the page open, I have to click each time on the "grid edit" botton. anyway to open it by default like this? thanks a lot! Olivier
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