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  1. Hi @Vitalikssssss, Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to go that route, but then, I couldn't get the Datapage to restrict the number of results that displayed specifically to the election race that I wanted to break out. I tried setting up 4 Datapages with the goal of only pulling specific candidate records as they correlate to an election. Example - "Datapage A" should only display record results 1-6; "Datapage B" should only display results 7-9; "Datapage C" should only display results 10-11; Datapage D" should only display results 12-16 ... and so on. There is no way to set Datapages
  2. Has anyone figured out how to group the gallery display results by record? Working on a voters guide. Ideally, would like the display to break out by race title (as the section header) and then the candidates' pics and info underneath. It seems that record grouping is only available with "tabular" or "combined" datapages. But, those datapages only displays the results as a list and not in a grid layout. Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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