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  1. I did more testing - it's definitely not Caspio. I created a blank web page with no CSS or other formatting and the forms work fine. On the other web pages I do have a drop-down navigation bar (jquery) and I wonder if this is interfering with the deploy code for the forms. If I copied & pasted the html/css/jquery here in the form would that be OK?
  2. Nope they're all set as text fields or drop-down lists. As I said in Caspio preview all of the fields work just fine (I even added a few dummy records with no issues), but on the webpage only some of the fields work while the others won't allow me to click on or add any text. I don't have any other scripts running and the CSS looks fine. It's just odd that only certain fields won't work while others are fine. The submit/search buttons also randomly work/don't work.
  3. Hi all - I've created numerous datapages but for some reason when I deploy them a few of the fields randomly don't work. At first I thought I had made an error when developing them but when I preview them in Caspio they work fine. I double-checked my styling on my webpages and all seems ok, but the odd thing is on some datapages some of the top fields and bottom fields work, but some of the middle ones don't (I can tab to the field but can't enter anything, or if it's a drop-down box I can't select anything). The submit or search buttons also randomly don't work. I've re-deployed a few times but I've noticed no changes. Has anyone else had this problem? I don't have any other fancy scripts on my pages so it's baffling me why only some of the fields aren't responsive. None of the pages in question use any views so the fields should be editable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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