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  1. I did exactly what is recommended. The web page I am accessing is published online and I am using direct URL of the page. This error is only showing up on Safari, but not on other browsers. I even tried to clear the history and cache on the Safari but no change. lonyango
  2. I am getting this error Undefined Appkey. (Caspio BridgeError) (60011) on Safari after login into my web page. This is only happening on Safari and not on other browsers. Any Idea why this is happening? What might be the fix?
  3. I am look for a JavaScript that I can use to activate a field in a result table, then make it editable so that the user can increase or decrease the value in the field by just clicking on a plus or minus button, which have counter-increment function, next to the field on the same row and finally update the field automatically. I would like to implement a script that can do this task instead of a user clicking on the edit button then adding value in the field and then click the update button. Has anybody done this. Please help. LM
  4. I would like to perform calculation on a list field. I want to count how many individuals selected a particular item from a list field. Can someone describe how to do this. Luke
  5. How do I get part of date and concatenate with another field during update with Javascript.
  6. I have multiple fields that I am trying to put a conditional rule, if met will trigger the opening of a Datapage as an action within the rules of Caspio. The fields have numeric values, if a certain value is selected from any of the fields dropdown list, for example 1, then the action should be an automatic popup of a submit or update Datapage for the user to complete. I am looking for a script that would accomplish this task. Thanks Lucas
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