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  1. I am look for a JavaScript that I can use to activate a field in a result table, then make it editable so that the user can increase or decrease the value in the field by just clicking on a plus or minus button, which have counter-increment function, next to the field on the same row and finally update the field automatically. I would like to implement a script that can do this task instead of a user clicking on the edit button then adding value in the field and then click the update button. Has anybody done this. Please help. LM
  2. I would like to perform calculation on a list field. I want to count how many individuals selected a particular item from a list field. Can someone describe how to do this. Luke
  3. How do I get part of date and concatenate with another field during update with Javascript.
  4. I have multiple fields that I am trying to put a conditional rule, if met will trigger the opening of a Datapage as an action within the rules of Caspio. The fields have numeric values, if a certain value is selected from any of the fields dropdown list, for example 1, then the action should be an automatic popup of a submit or update Datapage for the user to complete. I am looking for a script that would accomplish this task. Thanks Lucas