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  1. Hello, I have a student scheduling app where I submit one record to table A with student ID, course #, location, dates, so students can view their schedule for the academic year. (Example: Sue Smith, Student ID 123456, Math 101, Room 456, August 1-August 10) There's a trigger on that table that then makes student-specific individual calendar postings to table B for the length of each posting (Math 101, August 1-August10, will have individual table entries for Sue Smith for each date due to the triggered action) The faculty can update the location of where an individual student
  2. This is fantastic and was exactly what I needed. thank you! A couple of questions: With the above triggered action the last day doesn't post. How do I fix this? (what did I miss?) Is there a way to make any kind of color change with the change of an event? For example, event 1 lasts 10 days with event 2 starting immediately after on day 11. What visual cue can I create so the user quickly sees the change from event 1 to event 2? thanks!
  3. How would you recommend a multi-part approval process be set up for a document management app? A user will submit a document that would need to be reviewed/approved by several users before a final approval can be issued. The individual approvals can happen simultaneously and aren't interdependent. Department A approves/disapproves (with comment)/returns for revision (with comment), Departments B-D do the same. When all 4 department approvals are obtained the document is fully approved. The document needs to be assigned to multiple people at the same time, with each of them doing their own ind
  4. I'm having an issue in a Wix website that I deploy my app pages to. Last year I built the site and a user could log in to any one webform and be logged in to all others. This week I created 2 new webforms with the same authentication, inserted them into my Wix site, and the authentication won't cross over. All pages are in the same app with the same authentication. A user can log into pages I published last year but when they click on one of the new pages they have to log in again. Any thoughts on or experience with this issue?
  5. This is great! Thank you! Is there a way to get it to print the header as well as the table?
  6. I have a webpage with both a submission form and a report. Upon submission of a form, I would like the report to automatically refresh. Does anyone have script to refresh the entire page upon submission of a form?
  7. Thank you! This is extremely helpful. Is there a way to employ the same concept as an aggregation at the bottom of a group rather than in a column? I can sum the total weeks by students using the basic Sum function but I tried using the code you provided in the aggregate formula area and it totals for all students rather than by each student(group). I've attached a screenshot of what I'm trying to do.
  8. Hello, I'm creating a student scheduling app and each student has certain requirements that they need to have on their schedules. For example: 4 weeks of "internship". In Excel I could sumif for the number of weeks for each requirement so the reviewer could see that the student had scheduled the correct number of weeks for each requirement. Any suggestions on how to tackle this in Caspio? thanks! Aileen
  9. I need to create a reservation system for managing a couple student apartments in different locations. I've created a reservation form and a calendar data page but the calendar doesn't show the data the way I would like it to (most likely because I'm just not sure what I'm doing ). Two questions: 1. If on the reservation form someone reserves Room A from January 1 - January 10... how do I get that person's reservation to show on all of the reserved days (January 1 - January 10) on the calendar instead of just the first day of the reservation (January 1)? 2. Is there a way to color cod
  10. I want my employees to be able to update records in the table using a submission form. This is not a profile type update so it doesn't look like the single record update form would be the appropriate option (but please guide me if I'm incorrect). They need to be able to look up a company and make edits to any of the company's information in the table connected to the web form. I have set the company name field to "auto complete" so it sees if the company name is already in the table... now is there a way for the rest of the information to load when the employee selects the correct company name
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