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  1. Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to filer records with a text field that contains comma delimited values. The problem is the search doesn't actually recognize 'delimited' in a field and so 'contains' will bring up records that I need to filter out. For example, if a record's text field has a value of 1,2,3,4,12,22 the user might do a search/filter; "‘contains 2” (it can’t do = 2 because the actual value of the field is “1,2,3,4,12,22” and “2” won’t be equal to it). But the ‘contains’ function will bring up records with not only ‘2’ in them but also ’12’ and ’22’ etc. I tried using "" in the search box so "2" would bring up records with just 2 and not 12 or 22, etc, but this doesn't work either. Does anyone know how to deal with this? I can't use List for data type as these records are imported and you can't import to List fields. The value 1,2,3,4,12,22 denotes a multi-record, meaning that record is related to 6 different records in another table. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi Vitalikssss, Thanks for that info- I'd thought it was something like that, I just couldn't figure out exactly what. The security issue is the block, I think, I need to figure out how to get around. I do use links to outside images in the app, but sometimes the images need to be uploaded to CB because they're used in many places and fairly often the public images out on the web (that my users link to) disappear if they're deleted by whomever. Uploading the image to CB ensures they'll be there indefinitely. That said, is there some way to store a file (image file) temporarily, like in a temp folder in the browser (?) and then use that path for the Browse File field's value? That would solve the problem but I don't know if it's doable.
  3. Hi BaySunshine, The error message is coming only from the js attempting to put a value in the field that is a 'File' type field. There is no formulas or triggers causing the issue. If I direct the js to put the value in a normal text field it works as it should. It's only when the js attempts to put a value into a 'File' type field that the error comes up. So I'm thinking Caspio must have some sort of security restriction set on a 'File' type field. I was hoping to be able to get around that somehow. Thanks for he input though.
  4. Hi, I have a submission form with an image field. I need to be able to use js to bypass the user having to use the Browse button to pull the image path for the image to be submitted (so I can streamline a process of uploading images- I've got a field with the image path mapped to Downloads folder and have a Virtual field using it as a data source. I just need to put that path in the image field so the user doesn't have to Browse to it). I set up test code using a button to trigger the js function so I could see if it was putting the image path (Virtual 1) into the image field for submission (ItemPic). When I run the code using the button I get an error message on the submission form: "Values cannot be submitted due to a data restriction." Does anyone know how to bypass that restriction, in the function I have below? <div style="text-align: center;"> <input class= "cb_custom_btn" type="button" onclick="myFunction()" value="Copy PicPath" /> <script> function myFunction(){ var picpath = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; document.getElementById("InsertRecordItemPic").value = picpath; } </script> </div>
  5. Is there a way via js or something else, in a Submission form, to Upload an image file using a url (like to a public image in a AWS S3 folder) instead of the user having to Browse to an image file on the local computer? This would be really helpful in pulling images off the web without the user having to download them first, then Browse to them, then Upload. I have a virtual field that would have the image's url in it, I just need to somehow transfer that url to the image field and pull the image to upload on Submission.
  6. No worries re this question. I just realized I had a fixed width for the div all the fields were in and that was keeping the cc fields wide. I just changed the div width below and it worked well, in case anyone else needs this. <style> div[class^='cbFormTextField'] { width: 200px !important; height: 20px !important; </style>
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how to restrict/set the width of the payment fields (credit card, expiration date, and security code) for Stripe Payment Integration? I've tried the normal way in the datapage (pixels, characters, %) but it doesn't seem to affect it at all. I've also put in a width:200px; in the Style Form Fields Source section at the bottom where there's a listing for payment fields but it still doesn't affect it. There must be a different place to enter a fixed width for payment fields. If anyone knows that'd be great- thanks!
  8. Hello, In a tabular datapage I need to show/hide a field (text64000) that contains html markup and needs to display as html. I use a div id to isolate each record in the tabular datapage's recordset. Then I use an 'if' statement to check the values of 2 fields in that record ("field1" and "field2"). If both criteria are met I need to then show the text64000 field ("field3") in html format. If both criteria are NOT met I need it to show nothing. The below code works to check "field1" and "field2" and then show a value in the span, either a typed in text value or a normal text field for that record. The problem is when I try to use the field that contains the html markup ("field3" in this example). It doesn't show anything (is blank). I know the "if" statement is working because I've tested it with other fields, just showing the field in html is the problem. Does anyone know how to tweak this so "field3" will show in html? I tried putting it in a div instead fo a span but that didn't work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated. <div id="mydiv[@field:MyRecordUniqueID]"></div> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> if (("[@field:myfield1]" == "SHOW") && ("[@field:myfield2]" == "active")) { document.getElementById("mydiv[@field:MyRecordUniqueID]").innerHTML ="<span>[@field:myfield3!]</span>"; } </script>
  9. Thanks DefinitelyNot3133- that's really helpful. I look forward to working this into the app.
  10. thanks- this will help when the auto-submit is worked out. Once I get that done I'll post the solution here as well.
  11. Thanks for the tip re triggers. The issue for me is the table involved has been locked by Caspio because they created backend triggers a few years ago. So I'm not able to use triggers built in the new feature, hence having to use datapages to do things like this. I've ended up changing the field to text and using "Yes" or "No" as text to do the update, that way it's not a null value that's put in but "No" written out.
  12. Does anyone know how to configure Bulk Edit to update a hidden check box to No or False? You can update a hidden checkbox to Yes but if you set the Default value to 'blank' it won't update the value to No/False- it just leaves it as is. I need to do this with a hidden checkbox so the user doesn't have to 'select' the checkbox field box in order to update to No/False. Any help would be great- thanks!
  13. Hi, Does anyone know how to put code in the footer of a Bulk Edit form so it auto-submits (so the user doesn't have to click the Update button)? This code: <script type="text/javascript"> if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000); } </script> works only on a regular Update or Submission form. If you use it in Bulk Edit it just keeps refreshing the records over and over. So there must be some specific code for Bulk Edit. As well, if I can get Bulk Edit to auto-submit I'd like to remove he Update button so if anyone has code for that it'd be really great. Thanks!
  14. I figured out a workaround, if anyone needs a similar solution: A filtered View is used instead for the data source. This enables the auto-submit to run and when there are no more records to update (because the View filters out updated records) I use the Localization to redirect to a new url when there are no records (351 message). So basically, all the records in the recordset get cycled through on the Details datapage (set to go to 'Next Record' after update) and then when there are no further records (because the View datasource is empty) it redirects to a new url. A bit of a labyrinthine process but it gets the job done.
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