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  1. Got it figured out, after all. If anyone needs this solution. On the Calendar's Detail page, change the line: document.getElementsByName('Submit')[0].onmouseover = function(){ to document.getElementsByName('Mod0EditRecord')[0].onmouseover = function(){ And also change document.getElementById('InsertRecordTasksTimeline_CalDate').value = date + " " + ampm; to document.getElementById('EditRecordTasksTimeline_CalDate').value = date + " " + ampm; This will find the Update button by name and use it to run the code above in the footer. This will giv
  2. Hi, I took some code from one of Caspio's demo apps (an appointment scheduler) to create a Time Picker on a Submission form. This works great, allowing far more detailed calendar scheduling than just using the date without a time. The issue is when the user needs to edit the date/time from the Calendar, in Details view. The code doesn't work in this case. I've changed the 'InsertRecord' part to 'EditRecord' but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there some difference to calling the code from the Update button vs a Submission button? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bel
  3. Hi Sherif, It's been awhile since I posted this so I don't remember exactly which submission form I was working on (my app is huge with 500 datapages). However, I believe what I had to do was use js to fill that field, based on what the other fields were. So the js the button ran updated the first 2 fields and then, after that, updated the 3rd field (set to a regular text value instead of a calculated value). Hope this helps--
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how to get and use the system date/time (the local computer's date/time and not a UTC value) in a table's triggered actions, and then use it? I have a table that logs activity from other tables and need to be able to log the user's local system date/time upon insert. The function SysDateTime() isn't available in a table's formula field and I'm not sure how/if I can use SysDateTime() to populate a date/time field in the table upon insert. In the Activity table's Upon Insert trigger, it would be something like a date/time field: Created_Local=SysDateTime() in t
  5. Hello, I'm trying to reference a field, in a Details datapage, that is a cascading dropdown (the field is a text field called 'Area'). I need to disable it conditionally using javascript (I've found that when there are a lot of Rules it significantly slows the datapage loading compared to using js, so I need to use js to do this). I've been able to do this no problem with regular text fields and dropdowns but can't get it to read the cascading dropdown. I've been trying to use something like: var v_area = document.getElementsByName("EditRecordArea")[0]; along with the di
  6. Hi Nuke, I can't use code that has the modal content (like in a div) on the same page as the link I'm executing the modal opening from. This is because that modal will have a separate datapage and I cannot "store it" (meaning it loads) on the page that has the link that executes it opening (because that link is in another datapage). It would significantly slow usability to have the modal datapage loading whether it's needed or not- that's why I wanted to open it (anew) in a popup. The pages are all on the same domain. That said, thanks for the link to the SO post. I 'd ended up figu
  7. I think the issue is the same one I'd had myself: if a rule hides a field after data has been put into it then the data is not saved (forgive me if this isn't what you're asking for). Here's the code for the onChange of the check box that updates the field. I don't think the BeforeSubmit is necessary: $("[name='cbParamVirtual21']").change(function(){ f_copy_print_address('cbParamVirtual24', 'cke_EditRecordItems_ShipAddress'); var v2 = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual24")[0].value; document.getElementById('EditRecordItems_ShipAddress').innerHTML = v2; });
  8. Hopefully someone can look at this particular scenario and show how to open the popup in modal with an overlay background. A couple issues: I cannot use an iframe for the popup content (passing parameters to a Caspio datapage, which doesn't work smoothly via iframe). Nor can I use a div for the content (because it's an entirely different datapage) that's in the same datapage as the button that creates the popup. So I need to open an entirely new url in a window, as a popup. The new url (web page) will have a datapage embedded. The code below does this fine but I also need it to
  9. Hi CopperBackpack, Sorry about the late reply (couldn't get to this part of the project till now) but THANKS for the solution on this, it really helps!
  10. Does anyone know how to use 'contains' in a calculated field to see if the field contains a certain value, instead of using = to equal it. I have a tale with records that have a field with values like 524_789B, 524_788B, 524_794B, 524_791B, 524_1047B. And an authenticated field value might be 524_794B. I want to count the number of records that contain 524_794B. So in a calculated field I need something like below: SELECT COUNT (ItemID) FROM _V_Items Where Assigned_To CONTAINS '[@authfield:Users_CID_StaffID]' What is the syntax for 'contains'?
  11. I figured out a sort of workaround. The 'Replace' clause will remove a string and replace it with something else. In case anyone needs something like this: Field3 formula = Replace([@field:field1],[@field:field2],'') The only issue is this leaves an extra space where field2 used to be but it works ok otherwise.
  12. Hello, Does anyone know, in a formula field in a table, how to remove the value of a text field from another text field? There are 3 fields involved: Field1: text255 that contains comma delimited values. Field2: text255 that contains a value that may or may not be included in Field1 string value Field3: formula: removes field2 value from field1 if that value is in field1 (and does nothing if not). For example: Field 1 (text255) = 524_789B, 524_788B, 524_794B, 524_791B, 524_1047B Field 2 (text255) = 524_794B, Field 3 (formula) = 524_789B, 524_788B,
  13. Hi Meekee, This is an older post that I just found and I wanted to thank you for putting the code up, as I needed it. Works perfectly!
  14. I figured out the solution, if anyone needs it. An EventListener makes it work: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { var x = document.querySelector('[name*=cbParamVirtual18]'); x.onchange = function() { var v_virtc = document.getElementsByName("cbParamVirtual18")[0].value; document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordTaxable")[0].value = v_virtc; } }); </script>
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