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  1. Hello friends, I am newbie in Caspio. I am using password feature in my project. But, I want to know that How Caspio does judge password is WEAK, OKAY or STRONG? I want to know password rules for Caspio? Please help.
  2. we save Attachments from front end control 'Attachment" which is save in Attachments column datatype is File ,now we want to create a copy of the same Attachment .
  3. Hi, I am forming a report using data pages where i need to export that report. Column name of exported data should be same as that of column names reports.
  4. I am working on Caspio feature to Export data. But while doing this, I have some issues. During export of any report it takes the column name as mention in the table. But, I want that name similar to the text shown on my report. Is this possible in caspio? Please help me. Thank You.
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